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Mayo Clinic: Cofense PDC Customer Spotlight

Like every organization today, Mayo Clinic is relentlessly bombarded with cyber-threats. Recently, their Office of Information Security shared how they work with Cofense to stop phishing attacks.

Phishing Threats Routinely Get Past the Email Gateway

 Mayo Clinic relies on the Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) to detect and respond to all of these attacks. These metrics, compiled by the PDC in October 2019, show the volume and types of threats that reached Mayo Clinic’s inboxes.

972 malicious emails bypassed the secure email gateway (SEG)

78.7% uptick from the previous month, showing how attacks ebb and flow

82.8% of those phish were credential attacks

3.1% contained malware

3.2% were business email compromise (BEC)

Cofense PDC manages Mayo Clinic’s phishing response by

1. Analyzing all emails reported by Mayo users
2. Categorizing and prioritizing threats
3. Providing IOCs to Mayo security

The PDC offers expert phishing analysis and remediation, taking the burden off of your security team.

“The PDC allows us to outsource the analysis of suspicious emails. We don’t have to worry about being staffed to investigate an uptick.”

Information Security Analyst, Mayo Clinic

Cofense PDC caught these four recent threats in the Mayo network:


DarkComet RAT



“We’re catching sophisticated attacks that often have multiple layers.”

Information Security Analyst, Mayo Clinic

Leverage real phish to train your users

  • Base phishing simulations on threats the PDC catches
  • Identify if certain departments are getting specific types of attacks
  • Uses Cofense training templates and customize as needed

“All the information we get from the PDC can be used to create educational opportunities for our users.”

Information Security Analyst, Mayo Clinic

Here’s an example of a real phish that inspired a training scenario:



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