OutHuman the Threat

Legacy email security technology can’t keep up with innovative, human-designed phishing attacks. That’s why we combine the real, human intuition of 25 million people globally with state of the art automation technology to find and remove phishing attacks that technology alone can’t stop.

Stopped locally. Shared globally.

Our unique Phishing Detection and Response platform combines technology with over 25 million people around the world, all actively identifying and reporting suspected phish. And, when an attack is detected at one organization, that information is used to stop the attack at the other organizations in the Cofense network.

Protection you can count on

The Cofense Phishing Detection and Response platform does more than just stop phishing attacks that the standard security software can’t — it can save your business $100,000+ for ransomware payments, over $3M in average data breach recovery costs , and tens of millions of dollars in compliance fees.

See what they missed

They missed, we found

Malicious Emails*

* Source: Cofense Phishing Defense Center. Updated 09.30.2020

The Cofense solution

As the only Phishing Detection and Response platform to pair real people with advanced technology, we quickly identify phishing campaigns, verify high priority threats, and stop the attack. Plus, we constantly update our detection and awareness training program so we can help you find and remove the latest, creative threats to your business.

Top-notch protection

2000+ enterprise organizations trust us and our 25 million human sensors to keep their business and their assets safe.

We show value by helping
to stop phishing attacks technology missed.

Security Analyst
Global Financial Services

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Before, we spent hours sifting through emails. Now, 80% of reports are resolved automatically.

Head of Awareness
Global GPG Leader

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Phishing Detection and Response platform

Our platform has a singular purpose: to quickly catch the phishing emails that bypass your email gateway. Cofense delivers the technology and advanced insight needed to rapidly detect, analyze and auto quarantine phishing attacks.


Detect and report phishing threats that hit the inbox, within minutes.


Reduce security operations burden through automated responses to phishing attacks.


Integrate the crowd-sourced intelligence of millions of users into other security systems.