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1 in 7 Emails Reported by Our Customers’ Users Are Malicious.

Those are phishing emails that evade perimeter defenses every day. In 2018, the CofenseTM Phishing Defense Center (PDC) analyzed nearly 1.5 million user-reported emails. Among them we saw:

– 55,404 credential harvesting attacks
– 27,501 campaigns delivering malicious attachments
– 4,152 business email compromise (BEC) attacks

Source: Cofense Phishing Defense Center 2018

These emails bypassed technologies such as email gateways to become ticking bombs in employees’ mail boxes.

Key Benefits of the Cofense Phishing Defense Center:

– Get actionable indicators on threats in progress on YOUR network
– Respond to verified threats immediately and decisively
– Sharply reduce the time between detection and resolution
– Receive alerts to identified threats, within the hour, throughout the day
– Coordinate response: plug our intelligence into your SIEM or orchestration solution

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Receive actionable indicators on active threats, within the hour.

When your employees report suspicious emails, the Cofense PDC analyzes them and delivers high-priority threat indicators straight to your team. Our Phishing Defense Services enable you to act swiftly as a threat spreads in your network.

Again, our intelligence is based on what we see in your own environment, on clues in emails your users were concerned enough to report. Our analysts deliver indicators of compromise (IOC’s), adding context and insight so your response team can:

  • Assess the priority and understand the full scale of the problem
  • Communicate upstream to the other members of your security team or through your SIEM
  • Determine the best course of action to respond to the threat

Our dedicated phishing analysts see dangers you might miss.

We are a team of dedicated phishing analysts locked in on phishing threats. Backed by the Cofense Research and Threat Intelligence teams, we apply findings from our global customer base to alert you to signs of danger your analysts might not see. For example, when a threat actor probes your network, our analysts recognize indicators that might elude your team. By alerting you right away, we can prevent a full-blown emergency from erupting later on.

Our analysts draw on deep experience to provide intelligence you can act on NOW. Their alerts   empower faster, more effective decisions. Stop sophisticated phishing attacks in minutes, not days.

Focus on mitigating threats, not spending hours gathering data.

The Cofense PDC relieves you of the repetitive, time-consuming tasks needed to qualify, investigate, and document phishing alerts. You can focus on responding to verified threats, instead of spending your limited time and resources on data gathering. By qualifying and investigating threats and explaining the risks, we take the workload off your staff.

Unlike other services the Cofense PDC supports your team from alert to resolution. We combine the power of user email reporting with our PDC expertise, significantly improving the meantime to detect and respond to active threats already inside your organization.