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Phishless Christmas Halfway Point Update

We’re at the halfway point of our 12 Days of Phishless Christmas campaign, and we have been having a great time interacting with our followers while also raising money for some great charities. We’d like to recognize our first five winners, as well as the charities they have chosen for their donations.

Our first five winners:

  • @tam75brig70 Friends of Homeless Animals
  • @fiftypercent3s Doctors Without Borders
  • @sandybeachgirl Feed the Children
  • @Ceyres MS Society UK
  • @DjRizzo Friends of Homeless Animals

We’ll be announcing Day 6’s winner tomorrow!

For the second half of Phishless Christmas, we’re going to change up the process slightly, hopefully to make it easier for everyone. Starting TOMORROW (Thursday, December 20th), all our followers will have to do is Retweet our daily Phishless Christmas tweet in order to have their name entered for that day. For the full list of charities, see our previous blog post.

Looking forward to the second half of Phishless Christmas, and donating to more great charities!

Thank you again to all those who have participated!


The PhishMe Team