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Cloud-native Cofense Protect MSP offre la meilleure protection contre le phishing et des simulations pour Microsoft O365 et Google Workspace.

La solution est multi-locataire avec une activation en 40 secondes, une utilisation interne illimitée et une intégration avec les services suivants ConnectWise, Datto et SyncroMSP.


40 secondes suffisent pour offrir à vos clients une protection inégalée contre le phishing ainsi que pour une formation de simulation basée sur PhishMe.

Et en tant que partenaire MSP de Cofense, vous pouvez protéger votre propre environnement, pendant ces mêmes 40 secondes, tout à fait gratuitement.

Commencez votre essai gratuit illimité dès aujourd’hui.


End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

Identify - Find The Phish That Bypass Your SEG
A person in a business suit standing in front of a computer screen with the word 'protect' highlighted
Detect - Training for Your Team
Respond -Email Threat Analysis and Response

Des solutions intelligentes, conçues pour avoir un impact.

Oubliez les listes obsolètes de refus d’URL, la réputation IP et l’évaluation des mots-clés. Cofense Protect MSP combine la vision par ordinateur et l’IA pour détecter rapidement et précisément les attaques de phishing.

A screenshot of CTB-Locker, a ransomware virus.

Real-Time Analysis

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Total Employee Protection

An image illustrating the importance of combining human, artificial, and email attack intelligence.

Advanced Reporting

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What Our Customers Say

“The first thing I liked is once I had them involved, that was it, I didn’t have to do anything… I let the AI take care of it.”
- Manager of Network Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cofense Protect MSP is a fully managed, intelligent email security solution paired with optional and effective simulation training and security awareness courses to help managed service providers keep their clients safe. Protect MSP is a cloud-native, advanced phishing detection and email analysis technology built to stop advanced phishing attacks that circumvent traditional and native security controls baked into the Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace offerings. 

Leveraging Computer Vision And AI, Cofense Protect MSP uses our patent-pending technology to detect phishing attacks by visually representing, inspecting, and drawing conclusions on emails, URLs, landing pages, and attachments. The engine follows URLs, detecting credential theft, brand impersonation, business email compromise (BEC) and other sophisticated attacks. 

Cofense Protect MSP was designed for MSPs with simplicity in mind – featuring minimal management, monthly billing, and valuable integrations with common PSAs. Cofense Protect MSP is a comprehensive email security solution that detects and mitigates phishing threats for your customers, catching phishing attempts BEFORE they even appear on deny lists.  


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