Responsive Delivery is Here!

Responsive Delivery Takes Phishing Simulations to the Next Level

Flexibility. Automation. Visibility. This changes everything.

Only Cofense PhishMe offers Responsive Delivery

Scheduling phishing simulations for a global workforce has always been a challenge, as traditional simulation delivery may not account for employees being away from their desks. Additionally, whitelisting complications or email gateway security policy updates could affect phishing simulation delivery and skew your organizational susceptibility stats – until now.

Cofense PhishMeTM – the first product to pioneer the use of phishing simulations for employee behavior conditioning has once again revolutionized phishing simulations with Responsive Delivery. Now you can deliver phishing simulations only when employees are active in their email client.

Responsive Delivery:
→ Eliminates time-zone and global scenario scheduling restrictions
→ Eliminates complications arising from whitelisting and email gateway policy changes
→ Ensures phishing simulations are only delivered when users are active in their email client
→ Is mobile, tablet, and desktop application compatible

See How Responsive Delivery Takes Phishing Simulations to the Next Level

The Awesomeness Doesn’t Stop There!

Cofense PhishMe offers even more of what the other guys can’t:

→ Automated Playbooks—schedule a year’s worth of simulations in just a few clicks.
→ Board Reports—communicate program success to your board of directors and senior management.
→ Professional Certification—get certified as a Cofense PhishMe operator. Take your anti-phishing program to the next level.

Cofense PhishMe has helped millions of users across the globe change their behavior and spot phishing. Learn how we base our scenarios on the latest phishing threats, such as new credential phishing scams and business email compromise (BEC). Don’t settle for old-school awareness training. Raise your anti-phishing game and help stop real phish which are the real problem!

Already a Cofense PhishMe Customer? Visit the Cofense Community to learn more about Responsive Delivery.