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Automatically identify and quarantine email threats across your organization in minutes

Quickly detect and stop attacks

When it comes to email threats, every second counts. Zero-day threats slip past your SEG every day and can lurk for months, exposing your organization to a breach. With Cofense Vision, you can quickly search and quarantine emails, or set a policy to Auto Quarantine with no intervention — across your entire organization.

End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

Identify - Find The Phish That Bypass Your SEG
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Detect - Training for Your Team
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Leverage the Network Effect of Millions of Human Reporters

The Cofense team of 24/7 analysts closely monitors the threat landscape and leverages a global network of millions of humans who are well-conditioned through PhishMe to identify and report suspicious emails.

The speed at which our team of analysts receives a threat, confirms it to be malicious, and then shares this actionable intelligence with every Vison customer worldwide is what sets Vision apart.

Fully Automated

Empower Threat Hunters

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Quickly detect and stop attacks

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Flexible and easy to deploy

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What Our Customers Say

“This tool is excellent to prevent and remedy external attacks, [minimizing] damage to the organization's business. My inbox never showed another phishing email after using this tool.”
- IT Analyst
“Cofense Vision is [a] powerful email gateway when it comes to detecting and preventing malicious emails.”
- IT Consultant
“Email threats are no longer a threat with Cofense.”
- IT Engineer, Computer & Network Security
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Frequently Asked Questions

An Indicator of Compromise (IOC) is a clue or digital evidence that suggests that an endpoint or network may have been breached. The digital clues help information security professionals identify malicious activity or security threats, such as data breaches, insider threats or malware attacks. With automated IOC Wildcard Matching, Cofense Vision helps you keep up with these slight changes that often go unnoticed resulting in an up to tenfold increase in visibility of IOCs—providing exponentially more value than before.

With Cofense Vision, you can search, quarantine, and destroy all email threats that are active in your environment by enabling your team of SOC analysts or incident response experts to find elusive threats before they cause damage. 

With Cofense Vision, organizations are able to proactively stop attacks by applying the insights provided by millions of global reporters through a specially curated Cofense Intelligence feed designed to detect and remove email threats from your environment before they’re even reported. The searches are fast and not impacted by the throttling controls of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, without relying on mail teams. With Cofense Vision, enabling security teams across the enterprise to quarantine an email threat with a single click ensuring that active threats are caught before having a negative impact on your organization. Not needing privileged rights to the mail environment, Cofense Vision extensively audits and logs all actions so that you can see who is searching for what so that your organization remains in compliance. 


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