Cofense Vision


Gain the Visibility to Stop Attacks Across Your Organization

When phishing emails get past the gateway, the clock begins to tick. Seconds count. Undetected threats can lurk in your network for weeks or months costing your organization potentially millions of dollars. Cofense VisionTM lets you search and quarantine emails in minutes — across your entire organization. It’s threat hunting at speed.

We know you're running a “secure email gateway.”
It’s not that secure.


How do we know? 100% of phishing emails we verify for customers were reported by end users. 0% were stopped by technology.

All nets have holes, including your email gateway. Despite increased investment in perimeter controls, phishing attackers still find ways to reach users’ inboxes. It only takes a single click to open the door to data theft, loss of funds, and reputational damage. Cofense Vision enables you to quickly search and destroy all email threats active in your environment.

Search Email Threats Faster

Cofense Vision stores potential indicators of phishing in an offline environment optimized for threat hunting. This ensures that searches are fast, not impacted by the throttling controls of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Run email searches instantly, without relying on mail team.


Quickly Quarantine Bad Emails

With a single click, Cofense Vision enables security teams to quarantine an email threat from all user inboxes. Quarantined messages are moved to a mailbox hidden from the user but visible to the mail team. You can easily “un-quarantine” messages upon determining they are harmless.

Satisfy Regulatory Needs

While speedy searches no longer require privileged rights to the mail environment, Cofense Vision extensively audits and logs all actions. You can see who is searching for what, all while remaining in total compliance.


Getting Started

Cofense Vision can be deployed on premises, in AWS, or in Azure. To get started, we share the Cofense VM Image with your company’s PAAS account, where your instance setup is typically less than an hour. All of the Cofense Vision functionality is available in a fully RESTful and documented API as well as an elegant and modern user interface. Email ingestion supports both industry standard SMTP and journaling.

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