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Business Email Fraud Scams:
What They Are and How to Shut Them Down

Cybercriminals continue to successfully hack and spoof emails to impersonate supervisors, CEOs, and suppliers. They request seemingly legitimate business payments. But later employees discover they’ve been tricked into wiring money or depositing checks into criminals’ bank accounts.

Known as business email compromise/email account compromise (BEC/EAC), these scams increased by a staggering 2,370 percent from 2015-2016*. BEC scammers have even managed to swindle tech giants, like Facebook and Google, out of millions**. But there’s a proven shield against these threats: vigilant employees who know how to recognize and report phishing attacks.

Read the white paper “Business Email Fraud Scams: What They Are and How to Shut Them Down” and learn:

  • Play-by-play details on BEC/EAC scams that targeted PhishMe and what we did to turn the tables on the phishers
  • The latest trends and statistics on the alarming rise of BEC/EAC attacks
  • Detailed tips on how you can protect your company against BEC/EAC attacks

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