Ransomware Intelligence

How to Access Accurate and Timely Ransomware Intelligence

The importance of having accurate and timely ransomware intelligence cannot be underestimated. The threat landscape is evolving at pace and, unless your organization stays on top of the latest threats, the risk exists it will constantly be addressing threats reactively rather than proactively.

Despite the ransomware landscape taking a fork in the road with the arrival of self-propagating threats such as Wannacry and Petya, it was recently identified that more than 97 percent of phishing emails contain ransomware. This high percentage is expected to be maintained due to the growing availability of Ransomware-of-a-Service and the ease with which ransomware can be monetized.

Consequently it is important to stay on top of the latest ransomware intelligence in order to best protect your organization from email-borne threats. Furthermore it is important the ransomware intelligence you receive is both timely and accurate so you can be prepared for threats before they occur. The alternatives are well chronicled.

How Cofense Provides Ransomware Intelligence

When organizations use the Cofense platform to empower employees as their final line of defense against phishing, employees are conditioned to recognize and report suspicious emails. As we collect suspicious messages, we filter out nuisance emails and spam, and focus on active threats embedded in malicious emails such as ransomware, key loggers, RATs, and other types of crimeware.

As soon as genuine threats are confirmed, ransomware intelligence is distributed among all subscribed organizations in multiple formats, including Machine Readable Threat Intelligence (MRTI) for quick and easy integration with existing security solutions. With this accurate and timely ransomware intelligence, security teams can identify ransomware attacks as they happen and respond in real time.

Our ransomware intelligence not only informs organizations that something is bad, but also how and why it is bad. By providing insights into how attackers try to evade security controls, organizations are not only prepared for current changes to the ransomware landscape, but also armed with the information they need to better protect future attacks on their network, data, and employees.

Why Choose Cofense to Provide Your Ransomware Intelligence?

Security teams are often overwhelmed with the volume of indicators they receive and where to prioritize their efforts, whereas we have a team that is focused on one thing – finding threats and providing the accurate, timely, and relevant intelligence security teams need to make informed decisions in order to best protect their organizations.

Cofense is the leading cyber threat intelligence provider for security teams responsible for defending their organization against phishing attacks – the primary attack vector for ransomware and malware. Cofense combines proprietary technology with human analysis to identify the top phishing campaigns each day, and to deliver accurate and timely ransomware intelligence.

Cofense´s ransomware intelligence integrates easily with leading Threat Intelligence Platforms and Security Information and Event Management applications to provide contextual intelligence that helps security teams better protect their network. Additionally, we correlate emails with ransomware families to provide the visibility incident responders need in order to investigate ransomware attacks quickly.

How to Find Out More about the Cofense Intelligence Service

To find out more about the Cofense Intelligence service – or any other element of the Cofense platform – do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to answer any questions about how Cofense Intelligence can help your organization proactively address ransomware threats, and will invite you to a free, no-obligation demonstration of Cofense in action.

Alternatively you are welcome to take advantage of our free Threat Alert Service that delivers significant phishing, malware and ransomware trends directly into your inbox as they are identified. Our Threat Alerts are 100 percent human-verified, are delivered in easily digestible notifications, and are supported by follow-up emails as further information evolves.