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Ransomware morphs often and attacks even those previously considered less vulnerable, like OSX.

Cofense Simulator was designed to change risky employee behavior when it comes to being able to recognize and report malicious phishing emails.The Cofense methodology entails periodically immersing employees in simulated real-life phishing scenarios.

These scenarios deliver targeted security education directly to their inboxes, and instantly present bite-sized, engaging training to those found susceptible.

Apple OSX

Typically thought of as less vulnerable to viruses and malware, ransomware hackers are now successfully targeting OS X systems through sophisticated phishing emails that use KeRanger malware to encrypt the data on a coputer and render it inaccessible until a ransom is paid in bitcoins.

Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital

Using phishing to trick an unsuspecting employee, attackers seized the hospital’s entire IT system, stalled critical healthcare related communications and extorted $17,000 in ransom.

The City of Plainfield, New Jersey

Using phishing emails targeted at employees researching grants, hackers compromised three servers before city officials were able to pull them offline, effectively locking up the town’s files in order to receive a small sum until the officials turned to law enforcement for help.


News reports are now confirming that this is the latest in a series of phishing-related ransomware attacks on healthcase facilities; while it wasn’t known at the time of this release if a ransom had been paid, media has said the facility confirmed that systems critical to patient care for thousands were locked for a time.

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