Small Business Solutions


Threats are growing. Your budget isn't.

Small businesses are big targets for cyber-criminals. But how do you defend your network on a limited budget and with limited staff?

Large corporate victims of cyber-attacks eventually bounce back. For small or medium-sized businesses, that’s easier said than done. With threat actors constantly changing strategies and techniques, you need a phishing defense that stops attacks without draining your coffers.

The Problem

Your company can’t afford a phishing awareness program.

Employees receive hundreds of emails every day. How do you protect your business from the malicious variety? The best way is to immerse employees in simulation training, so they learn to recognize and report phishing attacks. But smaller organizations have trouble justifying the cost. How can you launch an awareness program to demonstrate results—without signing up for more than you can afford?

Our Solution:

Cofense PhishMe FreeTM

Cofense PhishMe Free is a free phishing simulation service for companies with up to 500 employees. It deploys quickly and lets you run monthly phishing scenarios, with videos, infographics, and CBTs to educate employees. Detailed analytics let you track and communicate success.

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You have limited dollars to spend on phishing awareness.

Your business is a big enough target to need a robust awareness program. But you still need to be budget-conscious. How do you strike the right balance? You want the ability to run simulations whenever and however you like, reflecting the real attacks your network constantly faces. How can a growing but frugal business get adequate awareness training?

Our Solution:

Cofense PhishMe SBETM

Cofense PhishMe Small Business Edition (SBE) is perfect for growing companies. Run unlimited phishing scenarios all year long to train employees to resist all types of phishing lures. Use advanced analytics to track employees’ behavior and demonstrate program progress to your corporate leadership.

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Your company lacks the expertise to stop phishing attacks.

How much phishing defense do you need—and how much can you afford? In fact, how much time can your busy IT team spare to fight attacks? It would be great to find a partner that offers flexible options to help you recognize, report, and respond to phishing campaigns.

Our Solution:

Managed Security Service Providers

To protect small and medium-sized businesses across the globe from phishing, Cofense partners with an elite group of managed-service providers. Choose from phishing awareness, reporting, and incident response solutions—build an end-to-end phishing defense as your needs and budget allow.

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