PhishMe Submerge EMEA Abstracts


7:00am Registration Opens – Upper Level
8:30am Continental Breakfast – In the Atrium or TBD
Training Curriculum
9–12:00am PhishMe Certification Course – Garden 1

Join us for a 3- hour self-guided computer based course and testing to receive your PhishMe Certification for PhishMe PhishMe.

9:00am PhishMe PhishMe Programme Analysis – Gallery 2-3

Programme Analysis: In this track, you will learn how to measure your programme against organisational capability, the primary measures of programme effectiveness and how PhishMe Professional Services Consultants define and analyse behavioural change at both a scenario response and programme trending level.

10:00am PhishMe Triage – How to build a phishing incident response program – Gallery 4-5

Learn how to set up and work with Triage step by step: Once Triage is installed and ingesting email what do you do? You start by learning your own network. Setting up the rules to give you the Meta data so you can get a better picture of what you’re looking at and how to use the information to make any Incident Response plan involving Phishing to more likely be a success.

10:00am Email Headers: Sifting Through the Hay to Find Needle – Gallery 2-3

We all know the wonderful world of email headers contain lots of useful information. But we also know that it contains a lot of information that is not relevant to our security needs. With the advent of X-Header inside emails, there’s even more to wade through. This talk will go through the various standard email headers that a security analyst may see and provide a determination on its usefulness regarding security. We will show how these headers can be used to assist in vetting reports that will arrive in Triage. Afterwards, we will look at the potential x-headers that an analyst may come upon and show their potential in assisting the vetting of reports.

11:00am Creating Phishing Emails that Work – Gallery 2-3

In this talk, PhishMe Professional Services will cover the different aspects of a PhishMe programme and discuss various lifecycle points in the transformation of your organisation’s phishing security posture. We will discuss real world threats and trends as seen from a SOC analyst perspective. At its core, PhishMe is about focusing attention on and investing in your users whom, when properly tuned, can become your organisation’s most effective intrusion detection system. This presentation will discuss how to leverage real world scenarios against a user base, as well as, covering the real problems of a phishing programme and how to overcome them.

11:00am PhishMe Reporter Overview – Gallery 4-5

By the end of the PhishMe Reporter Overview, attendees will understand why they need reporter, what email clients Reporter is available for, and how to get it for their organisation. The integration of Reporter data into existing Simulator Reports will also be covered, showing attendees how they can use Reporter data to further inform them as to the susceptibility or resilience of their organisation to phishing attacks

12:00pm Lunch/Networking
Submerge Sessions Kickoff
1:45pm Welcome and Opening Keynote – Garden 2-3

Welcome and Opening Keynote – Rohyt Belani, Co-Founder and CEO

2:30pm Product Vision – Garden 2-3

Aaron Higbee, Co-Founder and CTO, PhishMe

3:15pm Break
3:45pm Customer Panel – Best Practices, Metrics, Communications (75 Mins)
5:30pm Transportation to The Shard

Hutong – The Shard.
We have arranged for transportation to The Shard. Please meet in the hotel lobby for a prompt departure at 5:30.

6:30pm Welcome Reception – The Shard

7am Registration Open
7:30–8:15am Continental Breakfast
8:30am Opening and Customer Keynote – Garden 2-3

Speaker TBD

9:15am Break
9:30am Programme Best Practices – Garden 1

Learn anti-phishing programme best practices as implemented by PhishMe Professional Services Consultants. At the end of this course, you will understand how to establish goals for your programme, the best approach to planning, implementing, and responding to the effectiveness of your simulations.

9:30am How to Develop a Phishing Incident and Response Plan – Garden 4-5

Attackers are changing their tactics to compromise an organisation and relying on phishing techniques more than ever to spread their malware. However, most organisations use dated incident response plans that only relate to network intrusion attacks and don’t include anything to mitigate a phishing attack. It’s time that we stop and take a look at developing an incident response plan for phishing attacks. In this talk we will discuss why a company should implement a phishing incident response plan, how they can use the Reporter button, Triage and other tools to help mitigate phishing incidents and compare that with other traditional methods and tools. .

10:30am PhishMe Integrations Overview – Gallery 4-5

Cyber attackers are constantly introducing more advanced techniques and tactics to infiltrate your network. To help combat these ongoing threats, PhishMe launched the Technology Alliance Programme (TAP) for PhishMe PhishMe, PhishMe Intelligence, and PhishMe Triage. Our goal is to help customers maximise their security investments, leverage existing infrastructure, and enhance their security programme. PhishMe TAP delivers comprehensive security solutions through industry-leading innovation and partner integration relationships to empower organisations to defend the enterprise against attackers. PhishMe’s strategic technology partnerships integrate complementary and holistic security solutions for enterprise employee readiness, intelligence, and incident response capabilities. This session is an opportunity to learn about PhishMe integrations – what we’ve done, how we do it, and why.”

10:30am Repeat Clickers – Garden 1

Most decisions are based on emotions – including whether or not to click or open an attachment. Perpetrators will prey on your emotions to invoke user behaviour and perpetuate an attack. Today, we can see how easily perpetrators will use your emotions to lure you in their Phishing trap by knowing what emotions that will drive your thinking abilities. In this presentation, we will closely examine the diverse types of emotions, how perpetrators use our emotions against us and what you can do so are not added to the victims list.

11:30am GDPR and how it impacts your phishing programmes – Garden 2-3

PhishMe’s General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Shane McGee,  invites attendees to sit down for a conversation about privacy.  Mr. McGee will give a brief overview of PhishMe’s privacy principles and efforts to prepare for implementation of the GDPR in May 2018.  He will then facilitate an open discussion about privacy issues and answer questions about PhishMe’s privacy practices as they apply to customers.

12:30pm Lunch/Networking – The City Cafe
1:45pm Product Overview and Vision: PhishMe PhishMe and PhishMe Reporter – Gardens 2-3
2:45pm Break
3:00pm Product Overview and Vision – PhishMe Triage, PhishMe Intelligence – Gardens 2-3
4:00pm Wrap Up and Closing Gardens 2-3