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PhishMe – Employee Conditioning for Resiliency Against Phishing

Enhanced Operator Experience with the New PhishMe User Interface (UI)

Learn how to streamline user interaction, simplify workflows and increase performance with the new user friendly PhishMe UI. Operators will understand how to maximize efficiency and utilize enhanced searching/filtering to expand insight and increase content visibility.

Reduce PhishMe Program Overhead with Automation

Want to reduce your administrative burden and showcase program resiliency, all while simulating the most relevant threats? With PhishMe automation you can assure delivery for optimal engagement and guide end users to the most efficient and relevant programs.

Increasing PhishMe Program Engagement & Effectiveness

How do you attune your users to actual threats, rather than just spotting simulations? Learn how to easily deliver PhishMe SEG miss templates only while end users are active in their inbox and increase program relevance based on best practice, program history and industry.

Communicating Metrics That Matter

Want to easily highlight your program’s success to the C-level? Learn how to simply leverage board reports, build an end user reporting culture and leverage existing BI solutions without development.

Reporter – Real Threats in Real Time from Employees

Improve Program Measurement & Enable Human Sensors in Microsoft Outlook

Learn how to reach and empower your users in their native environment and measure your program effectiveness beyond click rates. Easily showcase employee resilience to phishing and increased security posture.

Improve Program Measurement and Enable Human Sensors in Gmail

Reach your users where they are. Reporter has the most email clients covered and now includes Gmail. Learn how to customize what the end user sees and ensure all messages reach the SOC – even those with malicious content.

LMS – Streamlined Employee Computer-Based Security Awareness Training

Empower Your Users to Stop Cybersecurity Attacks with Cofense LMS

Malicious emails will reach your users’ inboxes. Security awareness training is the best defense. Learn how to easily use Cofense LMS variety of trainings for the most impact, while ensuring compliance and meeting audit requirements.

Protect Your Most Susceptible Users with Auto-Enroll

Engaging your most susceptible users post simulation can be challenging. Learn how to create targeted trainings and automatically enroll end users.

INTELLIGENCE – Proactively Stop Threats Before They Arrive

Optimize your defense against Phishing Threats with Cofense Intelligence

A phishing email is often just the tip of the spear. Security teams need to know the full context of the attack to understand the threat to their organization. Learn how Cofense Intelligence provides a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape and how it is a necessary component of a layered defense.

Reduce alert fatigue in your SIEM with Cofense Intelligence

With great data comes great responsibility – to respond to every alert. Learn how Cofense Intelligence correlates the events that matter most, cutting through the noise, and finding what other feeds (and your secure email gateway) miss.

TRIAGE & VISION – Automate Email Analysis, Identify & Quarantine Threats in Minutes

Delivering Rapid Response to Phishing Attacks with Cofense Triage

Your users report a lot more than phish, slowing down incident response. Learn how Cofense Triage cuts through the noise, clusters reports for efficient analysis, and uses automation to close the loop with your users to tune their responses.

When a Phish Hits, Seconds Count. Enable fast threat hunting & quarantine with Cofense Vision

Phishing threat actors frequently use polymorphic attacks to frustrate analysis and response. Learn how Cofense Vision can be used to perform powerful, flexible searches across your messaging infrastructure to find and quarantine the phish that evaded your secure email gateway.

Enabling Increased Context & Automation with Rules in Cofense Triage

No two phishing attacks are identical. Finding and prioritizing analysis and response relies on quickly identifying the Indicators of Phishing that suggest a real threat. Learn how to use YARA rules to add context to reported phish and empower automation to reduce SOC workload and improve response time.

Cofense Triage at the Heart of Phishing Incident Response with the Triage API

SOC Teams really hit their stride when all the various, complex tools they use work together. In this session, you’ll learn about the Triage API and how you can increase visibility, automation, and integration with your security suite.

Assistance in Your Pocket – getting help on demand with Cofense Triage ‘As an Expert’

Ever get a phishing report that defies analysis? Ever get swamped with a phishing attack and wish you could get on-demand assistance? In this session you’ll learn about Cofense’s newest offering – Ask an Expert. Find out how to get rapid access to experts in the Phishing Defense Center to help with your most pressing phishing needs.

3 Clicks to Quarantine – Integrating Cofense Triage & Vision

Once a phishing attack is discovered, the job isn’t done. Unreported emails sit in inboxes, waiting to be clicked. Learn how Cofense Triage and Cofense Vision combine to go from report to quarantine in 3 simple clicks, stopping phishing attacks in their tracks.

Mind the Gap – automatically identify & contain threats that bypass your SEG

SOC teams are under constant pressure to find the threats hidden in the noise of activity on their network. Automation has the potential to deal with much of this work, leaving security teams to focus on the really tough problems. Learn how Cofense Triage and Cofense Vision use automation to analyze phishing reports, respond to threats, and even quarantine malicious emails without increasing SOC team effort.