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The Double Barrel Throwdown 2013

One of the great things about the IT Security industry is the intelligent, creative, and interesting people who work in this field. PhishMe challenges you to show just how witty you really are by submitting us your best idea for a Double Barrel phishing scenario. Read below for contest details:

Description: Submit your most convincing, clever, funny – and above all – original emails.

You’ll need to create two emails (Double Barrel, get it?) using our web form. One email is the Lure, which is the harmless email designed to build trust, while the other is the Phish, which for our purposes will contain a link the recipient is supposed to click. There are some logistics to address too, such as time that will elapse between the emails, and which one will contain the phishing link.
PhishMe has assembled a Blue Ribbon panel to judge this contest according to the following criteria:

  • Originality: We’ve seen a lot of phishing emails before, show us something new.
  • Persuasiveness: Would we even think about clicking on this?
  • Realism: Is this believable in the real world?

Want to learn more about the Double Barrel? We wrote up a blog post explaining it here.

Prize: The winner receives a Google Nexus Tablet, a winner’s t-shirt and, of course, bragging rights!

Submission Instructions: Fill out the web form here. Make sure all required fields are complete, incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Deadline: All submissions must be turned in no later than 12 AM EDT July 25, 2013 in order to be eligible to win. The winner will be announced at PhishMe’s booth and simultaneously via Twitter and LinkedIn during the Black Hat Conference on July 31, 2013.

Terms and Conditions: For complete rules, terms, and conditions of the contest, please see the following page.

CONTEST UPDATE: Tuesday, August 6 — We apologize for the delay in announcing the winner, we had some logistical issues to iron out that prevented us from announcing during Black Hat, but we have chosen a winner and we will be publishing a blog post to announce the winner this afternoon.