Hunt Faster with Cofense Triage

Cofense Triage is purpose-built to respond to phishing attacks. It accelerates response by automating analysis and clustering phishing emails by campaign. Now you can see attacks in progress and verify them quickly. Push attack intel wherever it needs to go—to defense layers, operational teams, and incident management solutions. Orchestrate a smarter, faster response to active threats.

Outlook is NOT a Response Platform

Some people think that sending emails to an Outlook inbox is the first step to help fight phishing. Nope. Just because the emails are in one place, it doesn’t help you address the threats. Outlook doesn’t cluster malicious emails. It doesn’t automate analysis and help you orchestrate response.It can’t supply insightful reporting to tell you how you’re doing and it doesn’t scale as an email reporting inbox.

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What Gartner Peer Reviews Say

“We saw value from the products on day 1, improving the way we train people about phishing attacks and making it easy for people to report problems. The team managing Triage saves hours over the course of the week, compared to manually investigating phishing and spam email.”

“Have you engaged your users as a component of your layered security model? PhishMe provides a suite of applications that allow you to work with the end users within your environment, not only assisting you to encourage the best behaviors in your employees but also the tools to effectively report potentially malicious emails, analyze and respond to these threats in a meaningful way.”

“You guys are very responsive. If I ask for a feature you are quick to deliver. The tool is easy to use and provides so many useful features to help our SOC review email.”