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About Cofense
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When phishing emails land in your inboxes, stop them in minutes, not months. Cofense TriageTM and Cofense VisionTM deliver a faster incident response. We blend automation and orchestration so security teams can make the right decisions at the right time.



Like an orchestral arrangement, your phishing response needs to involve multiple players and instruments. Cofense Triage helps incident responders work together across your organization. Our API lets you automate the process and involve the right teams quickly, while Triage integrations make sure your solutions are all in sync. Triage Noise Reduction cuts through spam and more, freeing your teams to collaborate on hunting real threats.


Threat actors are efficient—they use and reuse proven tactics. Cofense Triage lets you counter with your own repeatable processes. Use standard Playbooks, or modify as needed, to automate your phishing response. Use our new Rules Editor to create triggers for reported emails and use Workflows with Playbooks to test new playbooks against existing threats. Customize response and dig deeper with more precision.


New and upgraded features power a faster, smarter response. With Cofense Vision once you find a bad email, you can find out who received that email and quarantine it quickly. With Cluster Processing, match identical bad emails during the life of a phishing cluster. Automation eliminates the need for repeated actions. Trusted Informants clarifies the value of an email reporter’s input, factoring in the relevance of that user’s recent reports. And added customization lets you create more Threat Categories to apply to reports and clusters—respond with a scalpel, not a hammer.