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Virtual Submerge is off to a roaring start.

Day one is marked by record-breaking attendance from across the globe

We just wrapped up the first day of our annual phishing event, Submerge, and to say it was a huge success is an understatement. Our shift to a virtual event enabled thousands of attendees to join from around the world, engaging in the sessions and demos with Cofense experts who were standing by to help answer questions, provide direction and assist through interactive chat.

Judging from attendee feedback, it was a very good day one. And it’s not too late to join us for day two.

Here are a few quick highlights from day one.

  • Keynote presentations. We were impressed – but not surprised – by the quantity and caliber of questions and comments we fielded as a result of the thought-provoking keynote sessions from our co-founders, Rohyt Belani, CEO, and Aaron Higbee, CTO. Thank you to our audience for your engagement throughout the day; we’re already looking forward to what day two has in store.
  • Breakout sessions. We sought to offer a well-rounded program, and many people enjoyed the added benefit of earning CPE credits as a result of our partnership with ICS2. Across all attendees, there were thousands of views for the breakout sessions. Our sincere thanks go out to all of our talented industry experts who put so much effort into the Virtual Submerge lineup. The quality was above and beyond.
  • Solutions Center demos. Cofense Triage and Cofense Vision, two of our innovative solutions for detecting and removing phish when they bypass your secure email gateway (SEG), were the Solutions Center darlings. SEGs, we see once again, are nowhere near as reliable, or promptly patched, as they should be. The demand remains intense for fast and effective incident response, with near-immediate quarantine capability.
  • Registrations. We were blown away by the number and range of registrants. They came from around the world and across industries from healthcare, government and financial to hospitality, transportation, manufacturing and more. It seems everyone – from the cybersecurity leaders to the threat intelligence analysts, awareness experts and incident responders – has experienced the pain of dealing with a phish that makes it into their environment.

Be sure to join us tomorrow to hear the keynote fireside chat with Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder and former CTO of Crowdstrike, and Aaron Higbee. The session will be followed by a product keynote from Keith Ibarguen, Cofense chief product officer.

If you weren’t able to join us today, or haven’t registered, it’s not too late. Register now to view the exclusive Cofense Submerge content while it’s still available.

We are excited to have you with us for this first-ever virtual Submerge event.


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