Learn which gaps to plug in your anti-phishing program

Phishing attacks remain the largest challenge to organizations because they target all employees. The 2016 Enterprise Phishing Susceptibility and Resiliency Report examines the factors that lead to successful phishing campaigns, how empowering employees to report impacts susceptibility and more:

  • Business-context phishing emails remain the most difficult for users to recognize.
  • Top emotional motivators: Curiosity, Fear, Urgency.
  • Susceptibility to phishing email drops almost 20% after just one failed simulation.
  • Reporting rates significantly outweigh susceptibility rates when simple reporting is deployed to more than 80% of a company’s population, even in the first year
  • Active reporting of phishing email threats can reduce the standard time for detection of a breach to 1.2 hours on average—a significant improvement over the current industry average of 146 days.