Which ransomware threats are coming? Find out.

During the second quarter of 2016, ransomware has firmly established itself as a mature business model, showing no outward signs of diminishing. Encryption ransomware now accounts for 50% of all malware configurations, meaning that it is no longer considered simply a means for making a quick profit, but a permanent fixture on the threat landscape.

In this report, Cofense researchers identified three key trends previously recorded this year but now firmly established:

  • Encryption ransomware: Given the tenacity and frequency of ransomware phishing attacks, it appears cybercriminals now consider this a tried and trusted business model
  • Rise in evasion techniques: Cofense encountered an increase in the number and volume of malware deployments incorporating simple evasion techniques to circumvent protection by security solutions
  • Simple attacks still pack a punch: Numerous deployments of malware were recorded with less sophisticated actors who still wield robust feature sets

The report also reveals findings on the use of steganography and ciphers in malware delivery, sheds light on remote access to Trojan utilities, and much more!