Learn why 2016 was such a dangerous year in malware.

Any way you cut it, 2016 was a wild ride for malware and malicious payloads. From relentless ransomware to a resurgence in business email compromise, the numbers, sophistication, and variety of phishing-focused attacks kept malware analysts and incident response teams busy all year.

Throughout 2016, the Cofense intelligence and research teams analyzed over 2,500 active threat reports to uncover the most prevalent trends and make predictions for 2017. Now, you can benefit from a year’s worth of the latest data and insight to inform your strategy.

This is your chance to catch up on:

  • The evolution of malware and encrypted ransomware
  • 2016’s most prevalent threats
  • Identifying the latest malware delivery tools and techniques
  • Developing a modern defense strategy and empowering your users
  • What to look out for in 2017