How Cofense Optimizes Incident Response

Phishing is still the #1 cyber-attack vector. When bad emails lurk in your inboxes and threaten to trigger a breach, you need to identify them quickly to prepare for mitigation. Download this CofenseTM e-book to discover the 6 keys. 

View the e-book and learn: 

  • Why SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) yields better speed and efficiency in your phishing response 
  • How Cofense automated playbooks eliminate manual tasks to save you time 
  • How to balance automation with human expertise and control, so your incident responders still make the critical decisions 
  • The ways Cofense lets you orchestrate response to involve the right teams at the right time 

Don’t take a chance on missing malicious emails and resulting breaches. Download the e-book now!