Defending Against Ransomware is a Thankless Business

Phishing remains perhaps the most effective way for attackers to get inside an enterprise. Even in attacking high-level targets, phishing and more targeted “spear-phishing” schemes are the major tactics for intrusion. This type of attack plays to the oft-referenced idea that the human employee typically is still the weakest link in the data security chain.

Check out these staggering statistics:

  • 53% Percent of US companies that said it took 2 or more days to recover from a cyberattack*
  • More than half of
the 350,000 security professionals surveyed said they expect a successful cyber attack against their company within a year**
  • One in 14 people were tricked into opening an infected link***

While it continues to be a popular delivery mechanism for ransomware, there are steps you can take today.  Read this report to learn more.

*Hiscox Cyber Readiness report
** Crowd Research Partners
*** Ironscales