Why Are Users Waving Goodbye to Wombat?

Cofense Named Winner – Best IT-Security-Related Training Program
– 2016 SC Magazine Awards

Why Are Companies Switching from Wombat to Cofense?

Email gateway provider Proofpoint realized their technology could not stop all email threats from reaching end user inboxes. So they purchased Wombat phishing to try and help with the human side of email defense. Cofense has known all along that technology isn’t enough to stop all phishing attacks. After all, Cofense created this space and is the leader in human phishing defense solutions. Click here to read more and see real life examples of emails that made it through perimeter technologies but were caught by employees who had been empowered to recognize and report suspicious emails using Cofense solutions.

The short version? Cofense’s got what Wombat users are looking for – a real phishing defense and response solution. Customers using Cofense® products continually improve phishing susceptibility rates by up to 95%. Phishing defense programs combined with Cofense Reporter® and Cofense Triage® show even more significant gains with:

  • Higher reporting rates.
  • Faster phishing incident response rates.
  • The ability to neutralize threats that bypass other security technology layers.

And There Is So Much More


With 30 Million Users, Cofense Is Trusted More – From mid-sized companies to the Global Fortune 100, Cofense has conditioned more employees to reduce susceptibility than anyone else.

The Fortune 500 Counts on Us – We serve 50% of the Fortune 500. Brands with a lot to lose rely on Cofense to help protect them.

Gartner Has Named Us a Leader in the Space Two Years in a Row –Download a complimentary copy of the Gartner MQ. Our many other awards include SC Magazine’s Best of Awards for Security Training, in both the US and UK.  See all the awards Cofense has won.

Forrester Showed Our Solutions Deliver Over 300% ROI – A Forrester Total Economic Impact study revealed that Cofense’s solutions set brings return on investment of 336%, with a payback of 2.7 months.


Save Time and Do More – Our interface makes it easy to create, upload, update, and manage recipient lists, dynamic groups, and view individual end user reports. Cofense also helps you auto-enroll recipients in our LMS to reinforce awareness with education.

Report Emails Fast, from Anywhere – Cofense ReporterTM enables users to report phishing with one click. Our mobile version delivers the same seamless experience, sending full details to your incident response team.

Active Threats – To build phishing resiliency, it’s important to simulate the types of attacks you actively see in your environment. With the Auto Tracking of Attachment feature, Cofense is the only provider to let administrators report end users who click on common attached-based threats using Word and Excel documents. This capability extends to users on mobile devices.

Prove Value to Senior Management – Only Cofense provides reports that will show your executive leadership the return your program delivers. This includes benchmarking your data against others in your industry. Use facts to demonstrate your growing resiliency to phishing.

Get Free Support for Your SMB Why use Wombat phishing for your small business when there’s Cofense PhishMe Free? It’s the first no-cost phishing defense solution offered specifically to businesses with 500 employees or less. Leverage simulated email campaigns that mimic real-life spear phishing scenarios and provide instant learning opportunities for your recipients.

Earn Industry Certification Get certified in Cofense PhishMe in just a few hours, on your own time, and learn to manage a successful phishing simulation program. Boost your career through the only industry program of its kind.


Go Beyond Awareness – From the inbox to the SOC, Cofense has you covered, blending human-sourced intelligence with best-in-class technology. KnowBe4 doesn’t. From CBTs to incident response and phishing threat intelligence, we provide the most comprehensive phishing defense available.

Respond to Threats with Cofense TriageTM – Our automated incident response and phishing defense platform turns reported emails into actionable intelligence. It organizes and analyzes, clustering emails together and reducing the noise created by spam. Instead of an overflowing inbox, your security team sees clusters of suspicious emails in a manageable format.

Know “Who Else” Received a Bad Email – Quickly see every recipient of a phish someone clicked on. Our Who Else feature lets you respond faster to reported threats.

Get Phishing-Specific Intelligence – We provide a threat intelligence service focused squarely on phishing. Cofense IntelligenceTM scours millions of emails a day to find, dissect, and publish reports on phishing and malware trends. We also use that research to develop the phishing simulations that reflect the latest attacks in the wild.

Tap into a Deeper Knowledge Base – Cofense Intelligence supplies customers’ Incident Response and SOC teams with the knowledge to help stop phishing attacks before they even get started.


We’re There to Support You – All the time, around the globe. Our customers rate us as “superior” on quarterly Net Promoter Scores. Cofense scores average 53—most technology companies fall somewhere in the 30’s.

Professional Services – Cofense offers a complete set of Professional Services so customers are able to completely outsource their entire phishing defense to Cofense. With a global team staffed in its Phishing Defense Centers (PDCs), customers know Cofense has them covered.

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It comes down to who is the most advanced in the industry and who is the most effective. Cofense is the clear leader in this space.
Tom Dennison, CISO, ADT Home Security
We were looking for a total anti-phishing solution to meet our needs, and Cofense provided us with that.
Jim Stewart, CISO, United Community Bank

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Over Wombat Security Technologies

Some of the Biggest Companies Trust Cofense: Including over half of the Fortune 100.

We’ve Got Global Customer Support: Cofense is the only enterprise-grade, phishing-threat management solution fully staffed across the globe, supporting customers in more than 50 countries 24/7. You can even call us.

We’re Attachment-based: We protect against emails with seemingly legitimate attachments in a variety of file formats. Superior computer-based trainings and learning management systems: Cofense offers the highest-quality CBTs for free and an optional hosted LMS that is flexible and affordable!

Our World-class Phishing Research: Our dedicated research and intelligence teams continuously discover indicators of phishing in the wild, delivering the most authentic and deepest spear-phishing simulation and incident response resources available.

Our Solutions Discover Real-time Phishing Threats: While other solutions rely on simple machine learning to predict risks, Cofense leverages human intelligence to detect and respond to actual phishing threats bypassing your organization’s security layers in real time, drastically reducing threat susceptibility.

Gartner Has Named Us a Leader in the Space Two Years in a Row: Download a complimentary copy of the Gartner MQ.

PDC: Cofense has opened Phishing Defense Centers around the globe.

Awards: Cofense leads in the phishing defense awards category too, recently accepting the SC Magazine award for best professional IT security training and certification program.

CBTs: All of Cofense’s highly rated computer-based training modules are provided complimentary through Cofense’s CBFree program.

Stability: The Cofense executive team is the most experienced in its field, and team members are sought after individually to speak at all the major industry events.