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How are you uniting humanity against phishing? Tell us how your organization has rallied employees to stop phishing attacks. As the only phishing defense platform that uses crowd intelligence on a global scale, Cofense hears success stories every single day. We want to hear how organizations like yours are uniting people and technology to stop phishing in its tracks.

What Makes a Good Story?

Stories come in all shapes and sizes. They can highlight the end user community, the awareness team, or the SOC – or all of the above! A great story can focus on a group of individuals, a team, or a group of teams that worked together to increase resilience, speed response, or stop an attack.

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How We’re Uniting Against Phishing

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Your Stories

We’ve started highlighting positive user behavior for phishing response (someone who used the “report phishing” button and contacted the threat intelligence team or the SOC to report suspicious emails, text messages, and phone calls). These stories are told in narrative form on our internal company site, and users are encouraged to comment, ask questions, and share their own stories of interacting with the security team! The stories have seen a lot of engagement and have encouraged others to approach the security team with observations.

Megan Kaczanowski, Threat Intelligence Analyst, S&P Global

We barely had any phishing awareness, up until this year. I’ve used Cofense PhishMe Certification to better understand the platform. To start, I set up a slide deck with everything I wanted to do bi-weekly. It began with testing our service desk and their response time to potential phishing campaigns. We then started getting an active users list and have been phishing 500 users at a time. We have been getting better and better each campaign. We were at 26% susceptible and now we’re at 22%. So with the communications we’ve been sending out, and the constant phishing campaigns, we have shown our end users what’s in the wild. On top of all of the awareness and campaigns, we have also pushed the Reporter button to all of our end users. Which has been working great!


Thanks to Cofense, we as a team in the SOC are able to provide a platform to manage phishing emails. Through the PhishMe Reporter button on Outlook and mobile app, users can report the issue easily. Our SOC team also manages through the platform fast and can reply to user emails easily, whether it’s a phishing email or not.

S.N. SOC Analyst

Although many solutions claim to empower users, I have never seen it work as smoothly and effectively as Cofense. Although not in the technical team, I have been able to be part of the process of protecting our organisation by being enabled by the platform. I and a number of our internal staff are now identifying malicious emails, allowing the SOC team to respond swiftly. I have also become more vigilant, being able to identify (quite quickly) potential threats and to alert the SOC team. The entire solution has allowed me to become part of the defense ecosystem, rather than a potential security risk. This has led to a more robust internal security posture, as well as making individuals feel part of the collective, and recognizing their importance in the program. Not to mention we have some great friendly competition in the office now! Security has become a concern for everyone, not just the security/IT staff. It is time to become empowered and unite!

D.W. Marketing Coordinator – Cyber Security

The PhishMe training is helping my users increase their understanding and ability to sniff out real phishing emails. As more folks see what phishing emails are, they are able to get back to me with the strange and active phishing attacks that take place. A little work up front from looking at the reported emails saves me multiple hours on the back end, when the user has actually clicked or interacted with an active link. The Reporter button has increased the visibility of all the different kinds of emails that our users receive. Being a one-person security team, I save countless hours of hunting for additional clues or follow-ups from emails.

J.T. Senior IT Information Security Analyst

We rolled out PhishMe Reporter in early 2019, and it was extremely helpful for the users and our help desk. Users: it’s super easy – they click the button and they are done. No more phone calls to IT explaining what happened and IT telling them how to properly forward the email, so they get the headers. Users take 2 seconds to report vs 5 – 10 frustrating minutes. And for the help desk – all the info they need comes in as a ticket, and they can then follow the procedure to triage this. PhishMe Reporter increased efficiency and saved time for us. Plus, we created cute marketing materials for it, and it’s kind of fun.