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Join the 2023 Annual State of Email Security Report launch webinar on March 29 at 11 AM ET as Cofense VP, CISO, Tonia Dudley and VP of Global Threat Services, Josh Bartolomie share the best and worst of 2022, with insights on BEC, credential theft, ransomware, malware and more.

Security operations teams received no relief in 2022 as costly data breaches and loss of sensitive information continued to happen at a quickening pace and threat actors ramped-up their efforts with new tactics to bypass email gateways and trick recipients. Watch the webinar and learn:
  • ✓ Major threat statistics and trends learned throughout 2022
  • ✓ Emerging tactics and techniques that threat actors are using to bypass traditional email security solutions
  • ✓ The drivers of the phishing threat landscape – from worldwide events to the biggest breaches and takedowns
  • ✓ Why you can’t stop human attackers without human reporting and analysis
  • ✓ Why a layered phishing defense strategy is crucial to defending against the threats that continue to adapt
All webinar registrants receive an advanced copy of the report!


Tonia Dudley

Tonia Dudley


Josh Bartolomie

Josh Bartolomie

VP of Global Threat Services

The State of Phishing Webinar Series: Take a Deeper Dive Into the Findings with Our Cofense Experts

Register for our Annual State of Phishing Webinar series to stay up to date on the latest tactics and techniques that threat actors are using to bypass traditional email security solutions including credential theft, business email compromise and more. Arm yourself with the insights you need to keep your organization safe in 2022.

Combat the Latest Threats With the Annual State of Phishing Report

Cofense CTO & Co-Founder, Aaron Higbee & Senior Strategic Security Advisor, Tonia Dudley share insights on the phishing threats we’ve seen over the last year, as well as the latest credential theft, business email compromise and ransomware threats targeting businesses like yours.

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It’s Always a Phish. A Layered Defense is the Best Offense

Learn how you can get an objective assessment of the top SEG providers when it comes to their efficacy against today’s most active phishing threats and the latest, more innovative technical controls that can be put in place to help you protect your organization against them.

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Business Email Compromise: Did You Get Trapped in That Conversation?

Business Email Compromise (BEC): Relying solely on human interaction, BEC is responsible for billions of losses around the globe. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the direct-deposit scams, gift card fraud, and invoice scams Cofense observed in 2021 and how to combat these elusive threats.

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The Year of Ransomware: Tackle the Phishing Problem Before Ransomware Takes its Toll?

Ransomware has captured headlines for years, due to its sensationally disruptive nature. Phishing is now one of the primary entry points for ransomware operations targeting entire organizations. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to catch a ransomware operation at the phishing stage, before it is even identifiable as a ransomware attack.

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