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Manage Risk at the Speed of Business

In the digital world, every new opportunity to improve service and cut costs creates a security risk. You need to understand the digital assets within your charge, the likely threats against them, and how to protect them with limited resources from a shrinking talent pool.

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Streamline and Accelerate Phishing Response

Security analysts protect the company’s digital assets, needing to respond promptly to suspicious activity—not an easy job when investigations are manual. As phishing campaigns grow in number and sophistication, it’s tough for IR teams to feel closure in remediating threats, containing risk, and organizing a phishing response.

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Gain Strategic Understanding to Defend Better

Most threat feeds are noisy and full of false-positives, failing to give a strategic understanding of emerging threats. When analysts are overwhelmed by alerts, they struggle to identify the tactics, techniques, and processes attackers use. When teams understand phishing detection, they respond more effectively.

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Educate Users to Report Real Threats

Doing occasional phishing awareness training doesn’t cut it today. You need to work closely with your operational security teams to educate users on threats they actually face. Only an experiential approach to learning does the job, letting users practice recognizing and reporting phishing emails in order to increase phishing prevention.

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Uniting Humanity Against Phishing


MAR 18, 2020

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APR 28, 2020

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Phishing Protection Across the Entire Organization

With phishing attacks responsible for 46% of corporate network compromises, it’s easy for organizations to point to the everyday employee as the root cause – as the problem to be solved. We disagree. Cofense believes employees – humans – should be empowered as part of the phishing protection solution and gather real-time attack intelligence to stop attacks in progress.

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Phishing attacks like ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) target people – so when a phish gets through your technology, your employees need to be able to recognize the attempt.


When a phishing attack gets past the Secure Email Gateway, Security Operations and Incident Response teams have to respond to human-reported alerts quickly. Giving them tools to automatically analyze and quarantine phishing attacks across the entire messaging environment can reduce threat exposure and the likelihood of a compromise resulting in a breach.


Employees are your last line of defense and your best source of knowledge. Engaging them to report attacks in progress can significantly decrease time to respond to developing threats and attacks in progress.


Not all intelligence sources are the same. Cofense focuses on phishing-specific threats and provides human-vetted analysis of phishing and ransomware campaigns and the malware they contain. Easily integrated across multiple security solutions – you can respond to real threats in less time.


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Anti-Phishing Solutions


Conditions employee behavior via real-world phishing simulations to provide a safe, hands-on experience and learning opportunities.

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Turns employees into informants with a simple email add-on to send suspicious emails to security teams for analysis.

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Phishing Incident Response Platform combines powerful automation tools and phishing threat intelligence gathered from Cofense’s expansive human sensor network to find real threats in real-time.

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Quickly find and quarantine every email delivered in an active phishing campaign – stopping attacks in their tracks.

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Phishing specific threats and intelligence gathered in the wild delivered via MRTI with human-verified analysis reporting.

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Customizable, compliant, and scalable computer-based training that makes security awareness hassle-free and engaging.

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