We Stop Phish.

Millions of Ransomware, Business Email Compromise and Credential Harvesting attacks bypass expensive email security solutions every year. They are in your users’ inboxes right now.

Cofense is the only company that combines a global network of 30 million people reporting phish with advanced AI-based automation to stop phishing attacks fast. That’s why over half of the Fortune 500 and thousands of other organizations trust us.

We’re Cofense. We Stop Phish.


Security solutions built to stop phish

Phishing tactics are always evolving and becoming more complex. Our Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) security solutions combine technology and unique human insight to catch and stop phishing attacks — before they hurt your business.

Many businesses try to build email security solutions with slow-to-deploy and ineffective SEGs, IESSs, and CESSs from multiple vendors — these combinations are expensive, built on last-generation technology and don’t deliver the capabilities required to stop phishing attacks.

Cofense’s cloud-native Phishing Detection and Response platform works in tandem with Microsoft Defender for O365 and Google Workspace to provide protection that reduces vendors, reduces risk and reduces costs by $100,000 or more.

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Top-notch protection

2000+ enterprise organizations trust us and our more than 30 million human sensors to keep their business and their assets safe.

We show value by helping
to stop phishing attacks technology missed.

Security Analyst
Global Financial Services

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Before, we spent hours sifting through emails. Now, 80% of reports are resolved automatically.

Head of Awareness
Global GPG Leader

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The complete phishing defense package

Phishing emails are unavoidable and constantly changing. That’s why we provide everything you need to catch them quickly. Our combination of technology and unique human insight allows us to detect and stop attacks — before they hurt your business.


Detect and remediate phishing threats that hit the inbox, within minutes.


Reduce security operations burden through automated responses to phishing attacks.


Integrate the crowd-sourced intelligence of millions of users into other systems.

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