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5 Insights on Managed Phishing Detection and Response (PDR)

What Our Customers Are Saying About Best-in Class Email Security

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Do you want to keep your emails secure but find yourself having to operate with a limited budget and resources? Is your SOC team overloaded? You’re not alone. Many businesses are facing these challenges—so much so that these issues have become major concerns and threat actors are taking notice.

The Cofense Phishing Detection and Response Center (PDC) sees all the tactics cyber criminals are using to circumvent secure email gateways (SEGs) each day. With the current economic uncertainty, businesses are grappling with reduced resources and already overburdened security teams. Unfortunately, this often leads to email security gaps and opens the floodgates for potential breaches.

At Cofense, we work tirelessly each day to understand the threats targeting your organization, so you don’t have to. Our Managed Phishing Detection and Response (MPDR) solution, powered by the Cofense PDC, allows you to rest easy while our experts ensure your data remains safe. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say:

1. Cofense PDC brings the most urgent emails to your attention, so you don’t have to worry about missing those anymore.

“Cofense PDC has enabled us to spend more time on high-priority emails. We are able to triage malicious threats faster and with more precision. Prior to our organization using Cofense PDC, our analysts were becoming burnt out siphoning through hundreds of emails a week which leads to alert fatigue and increases the chances of missing a malicious email or compromise … Using Cofense PDC has enabled our security operations center analysts to prevent multiple credential harvesting emails, as well as malicious attachment emails, from harming our organization.”

–        IT Manager, Transportation Industry with 10,000+ employees

2. Incredible product that helps lean teams

“We did not evaluate anything similar to the Cofense Managed PDR, as we could not find anything similar that could come close to the Cofense Managed PDR in terms of named offerings. No other company provided a similar service. This product has provided staff augmentation to both a lean information security team, as well as lean support teams that do not have the bandwidth to field reports from ~5k users. With this, it is “set it and forget it.” Our users are able to report, get back accurate information, and if an email is found to be malicious, the appropriate teams receive email alerts to take necessary remediation efforts.”

–        IT Engineer, Wholesale Company with 1,000-5,000 employees

3. Cofense Managed PDR: This product just successfully conquers its competitors and alternatives

“As the name implies, Cofense Managed PDR is a Managed Security Service Provider, which is one of the best and most efficient phishing platforms. This is incomparable and irreplaceable because it has made phishing education so much easier for organization. We now also assess our new employees for phishing. Due to the nature of the product, it is used in our whole company, and every department benefits from it. In my opinion, a tool like Cofense Managed PDR is very crucial and essential for any company. Due to the nature of this product, it is really appropriate and adequate for both small and large companies.”

–        Software Engineer Manager, Private Equity with 11-50 employees

4. With Cofense Managed PDR, we gain more peace of mind and comfort to proactively protect against phishing threats

“The solution’s artificial intelligence is very good. The Phishing Defense Center (PDC) manages the entire process of detecting and automatically responding to phishing attacks in configured emails. When triggering an alert, the software has already corrected the threat, eliminating or quarantining it, and after that, it records the occurrence in a log so that it is possible to analyze the incidents that have occurred. After using this solution, the phishing issues were resolved … Another positive point is the Defense Center’s clean, friendly and easy-to-use interface.”

–        IT Analyst, Hospitality Industry with 10,000+ employees

5. Extra network protection against phishing

“I believe that due to my experience in IT and the use of the tool, Cofense Managed PDR is essential for all small, medium, and large companies. It is an item that must be taken into consideration because emails are a major source of cyberattacks in today’s world. The filter options are great, and the reports provide good ways to deal with before and after incidents.”

–        IT Analyst, Manufacturing Industry with 200-500 employees

Don’t let resource constraints stop you from keeping your emails secure. With Cofense Managed PDR, you can ensure your email stays secure by augmenting your security team with our network of 35+ million worldwide human reporters.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help protect your organization.


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