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Cofense Adds Vishing Simulation to its Popular PhishMe® Email Security Awareness Training

Voice-phishing (vishing) represents a clear and present danger to businesses globally; Cofense responds with fast and easy-to-implement enhanced training.

LEESBURG, Va. – December 13, 2023Cofense, the leading provider of email security awareness training (SAT) and advanced phishing detection and response (PDR) solutions, today announced a first-of-its-kind, fully managed and customizable vishing security solution. This new Cofense solution trains employees to identify and report vishing threats that bypass a company’s secure email gateways (SEGs).  

Cofense has combined its industry-leading, real-world simulations with a new voice response technology to create a unique security offering that helps enterprise organizations protect against these dangerous vishing threats. 
“To illustrate the devastating power of this type of attack, vishing was used successfully in the recent crippling cyberattacks on the MGM casinos,” said Jason Reinard, Senior Vice President of Product Engineering at Cofense.  
According to the Federal Trade Commission, last year alone, over $1.2 billion was lost to vishing attacks, and this threat is predicted to grow exponentially in 2024. And while vishing’s primary attack method is thought to be tied only to voice communications, according to a 2022 report from Trellix, over 85% of vishing attacks came from free email services.  

Vishing emails can easily bypass traditional security measures, like SEGs, because the contents of the email do not contain malicious, detectable links. These missing indicators make it easy for threat actors to leverage email to impersonate trusted people within an organization, convincing untrained employees to call a unique phone number. Once called, the employee engages verbally in a convincing conversation or message and is tricked into divulging sensitive information. 

To protect our customers from this advanced phishing attack, Cofense has added another layer of security to PhishMe, its world-class Security Awareness Training (SAT) product, to address vishing; features include:

  • Fast implementation with Cofense professional services 
  • Customized SAT content specific to your business 
  • Interactive Voice Response in any language 
  • Remediation training that engages and re-trains employees who fall prey to simulations 
  • Robust post-simulation and action reports to prove value 

To learn more about how Cofense protects organizations from vishing threats and to request a live demo, please visit

About Cofense 

Cofense ® is the original and leading provider of security awareness training and phishing simulation, offering global enterprise-level advanced email threat detection and remediation solutions. Cofense PhishMe® and Cofense Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) offer the world’s only platforms to leverage over 35 million Cofense-trained employees who actively report suspected phishing and other dangerous email threats in real-time. Exclusive only to Cofense, this reporting system ingests and catalogs thousands of threats per day that are missed by current email gateway technologies and then eradicates those threats from customer inboxes. In short, Cofense sees and stops threats other email security systems miss. Please visit or connect with us on X and LinkedIn for additional information.

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