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Why Human-Vetted Intelligence Is Critical for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Email Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are all the rage right now, but as countless experts have warned when it comes to cybersecurity, specifically email security, it’s important not to rely too heavily on machines. That’s where human intelligence comes in – a perfect blend that integrates both AI and the insights of trained, human experts who understand how digital threats evolve over time. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at why human-vetted intelligence is so critical for AI/ML frameworks used in email security. 

An Overview of Human-Vetted Intelligence and Its Benefits 

As we navigate the fast-paced world of technology, the importance of human-vetted intelligence cannot be overstated. The process of carefully evaluating the credibility and accuracy of information is vital when making critical decisions. It involves experts from various fields weighing in with their knowledge and experience to provide well-informed insights. Thanks to this process, the quality of information is enhanced, which significantly benefits businesses and individuals alike. By eliminating unreliable sources and flagging any erroneous information, human-vetted intelligence helps to enhance the overall level of trust in the data we consume. 

How AI and Machine Learning Work with Human-Vetted Intelligence 

AI and ML are often seen as autonomous technologies that are capable of making decisions on their own. However, the truth is that they rely heavily on human-vetted intelligence to function effectively. The way it works is that humans provide the system with data and criteria to learn from, and the system will then use this information to model patterns and make predictions. Over time, the system will continue to learn and adapt, becoming more accurate and efficient as it goes. The use of human-vetted intelligence is vital in ensuring that the AI and ML systems are aligned with the latest insights from experts in the field, making them safe and reliable tools in a wide range of industries. 

How Does Cofense Use Human-Vetted Intelligence with AI and ML? 

Cofense is the only email security platform powered by a global network of unique intelligence sourceshuman intelligence, artificial intelligence and email attack intelligence. 

What makes Cofense special

Deployed through various products in our platform, these intelligence sources enable organizations to automatically remove attacks first seen by other Cofense customers, block attacks that have never been seen before, and utilize the power of automated technology without the worry of false positives. 

Cofense’s human intelligence is derived from our global network of over 35 million users reporting real phish reaching their inboxes. Cofense Intelligence takes these human reported campaigns and provides that intelligence into our product suite and directly to customers, giving them a defensive head start against emerging attacks. Combined with our AI and ML engines, our solutions are continuously evolving and learning with every new threat reported from our global network. 

Leveraging the data created by the global Cofense network of trained, human sensors, our proprietary phishing intelligence data provides analysis with a 99.996% accuracy rate, which is why we are well positioned to lead the use of AI and ML in the email security space. The more intelligence we gather, the safer our customers become. That’s the power of the network effect using AI, ML, and human intelligence. 

What This Means for You

Ultimately, human-vetted intelligence is a powerful tool that can help AI and ML projects to achieve their highest potential. Having a team of trained, human sensors helps provide an extra layer of protection to ensure that breaches are promptly identified, prevented, and resolved. Human involvement in the vetting process means that organizations can have confidence in their email security and can communicate that confidence to their customers. Ultimately, a combination of AI, ML and human intelligence in email security provides organizations with a comprehensive defense strategy that standard SEGs can’t compete with. To see what this looks like in action, contact us today to learn about our end-to-end intelligent email solutions and how they can help keep your data safe

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