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Protect your customers and help them to avoid a breach with a comprehensive phishing detection and response solution.

Why partner with Cofense?

Cofense is dedicated to building strong, lasting, and mutually-profitable relationships.

Our Partner Programs give you access to robust phishing detection and response solutions — and the tools and support needed to grow your business, drive new revenue streams, and improve your competitive posture.

More than 90% of breaches start with an email, and organizations are constantly under attack. That’s why Cofense is 100% focused on stopping phishing attacks before they cause damage. We combine a global network of 32 million people reporting phish with advanced AI-based automation, so you and your customers can reduce risk and remediate threats — fast.

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Benefits that go beyond phishing protection


From onboarding through the life of your partnership, you’ll have a dedicated account manager and access to a Partner Portal with tools and resources to ensure your success.


As the leader and pioneer in phishing defense, Cofense is consistently evolving our product capabilities and features to provide you and your customers with the best phishing protection.


With executive-level sponsorship and Partner Business Planning, Cofense ensures that our solutions demonstrate measurable results that help inform security decision-making processes.


Strong, lasting, and mutually profitable relationships require trust. Cofense communicates openly with partners and provides necessary resources and tools to ensure success.

Partner with Cofense

Increase resiliency, speed up response times, and stop phishing attacks faster.


Value Added Resellers

We provide an unmatched phishing detection and response portfolio that empowers resellers in every sector to offer customers a comprehensive level of security.

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Technology Alliance Partners

Our TAP program builds integrations between Cofense solutions and security partners to help security teams leverage their security investments and operate efficiently.

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Managed Service Providers

Built from the ground up for MSPs, Cofense Protect provides quick deployment of advanced email security & awareness training from a single multi-tenanted UI.

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Managed Security Service Partners

We provide our MSSPs with the phishing detection and response solutions needed to implement the most advanced phishing defenses, processes, and resources for their customers.

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“By integrating Cofense’s SOC and security analysts into our MSSP, we are able to add unparalleled expertise to quickly and efficiently address phishing attacks, which are the number one security concern of our clients.”

Steve Cobb, Senior Technology and Security Fellow, One Source Communications

“In the first 4 weeks after installing Protect MSP, we have blocked more actual malicious emails for our client than we found in those reported by users for the entire year…With an immediate 94 percent reduction in volume of threats to be investigated, Protect MSP quickly reduced the window of exposure to our clients. This lowers client risk and lessens the time spent by our threat analysts.”

Bradley Roughan, Tetra Defense Vice President of Cyber Defense Operations

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Instant phishing detection

With Cofense Protect MSP, Tetra Defense keeps malicious emails out of inboxes and reduces load on analysts.

Rapid analysis and response

MSSP customers can use Cofense to analyze and identify potential threats — before they become a problem.

Award-winning cybersecurity

We were named the 2021 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards winner for the AI-based Cybersecurity Solution of the Year category.

Real human intelligence

Our unique combination of both cutting-edge technology and a global network of 32 million human sensors allows us to catch phish others miss.

Partner with Cofense

Increase resiliency. Improve your security posture. Grow your business. Drive new revenue.