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Management Team

Portrait of Rohyt - Cofense

Rohyt Belani

CEO, COO and Co-Founder

Portrait of Shane - Cofense

Shane McGee

General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer

Portrait of Keith - Cofense

Keith Ibarguen

Chief Product Officer

Allan Carey

Vice President, Business Development

Portrait of Jenn - Cofense

Jenn England

Vice President, Finance

Portrait of Melanie - Cofense

Melanie Major

Vice President, Human Resources

Portrait of Carolyn - Cofense

Carolyn Merritt

Sr. Vice President, Customer Success

Portrait of Reena - Cofense

Reena Paraguya

Vice President, Legal & Compliance Officer

Portrait of Laura - Cofense

Laura Riviere

Vice President, Marketing

Portrait of Tonia - Cofense

Tonia Dudley

Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

Portrait of Josh - Cofense

Josh Bartolomie

Vice President, Global Threat Services

Portrait of David - Cofense

David Alison

Sr. Vice President, Products

Portrait of Jim - Cofense

Jim DeHaven

Sr. Vice President, Sales

Portrait of Jason - Cofense

Jason Revelle

Vice President, Engineering


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