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Empowering Your Workforce: Cybersecurity Awareness Resources

#BeCyberSmart With Our Free Security Awareness Toolkit!

It’s easy to help your employees to stay safe online with our free Security Awareness Toolkit! These materials are available to support your cybersecurity awareness and education program.

Our full kit includes a presentation, infographics, email banner, screensaver and more – all designed to support your employees as they do their part to Recognize & Report Phishing!

(No pesky forms to fill! Simply click for direct access)

Cybersecurity is everyone’s job – “together” is the best way to stay protected. Cybercrime is the #1 risk companies face, but there are proven and easy techniques to prevent it.

Since 2004, the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) has sponsored Cybersecurity Awareness Month each October to promote online safety for both consumers and businesses. Cofense is proud to be on the Board of Directors, so each year, we do our part to promote security awareness throughout the month.

As part of our effort to spread awareness, we are hosting webinars aligned to this year’s official theme and behaviors, and created a free toolkit to help support your cybersecurity education program. For additional information, check out the NCA resource library to learn more about how to identify potential threats and stay safe online.

Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart

Cybersecurity Awareness Webinars On-Demand

Everyone can make a difference and do their part by recognizing and reporting phishing. Listen in to our on-demand webinars with the National Cybersecurity Alliance to hear the best practices on educating your end-users and building a multi-layered email security defense that combines technology and people working together.

Available On-Demand

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Kick-Off with NCA

Cybersecurity Awareness Month, now in its 19th year, is an annual collaboration between government and private industry to raise awareness about digital security and empower everyone to protect their personal data from digital forms of crime. Listen in as Cofense’s Chief Information Security Officer, Tonia Dudley and Executive Director at the National Cybersecurity Alliance, Lisa Plaggemier discuss this year’s themes, resources, and events during the official 2022 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month kick-off held on October 4th.


Lisa Plaggemier
Executive Director

Tonia Dudley

Watch On-Demand

#BeCyberSmart: Best Practices to Recognize & Report Phishing

Email continues to be the primary attack vector for threat actors, leading to credential theft, BEC, and costly ransomware attacks. Take a deep dive with us into how to best educate and empower your end-users and build a multi-layered defense that combines technology and people working together to recognize and report phishing.


Tonia Dudley

Tonia Dudley

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