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An intelligent cybersecurity strategy is essential to safeguard your organization.

Cofense Infrastructure: Illustration of infrastructure security

Critical Infrastructure

In every critical infrastructure industry — from defense to telecommunications to transportation — hackers are after the same thing.

Cofense Federal Government: Illustration of government sector security

US Federal Government

Phishing attackers often leverage social media, contracts, and information to infiltrate federal networks.

Cofense Higher Education: Illustration of education sector security

Higher Education

Many college and university “bring your own device” policies make it hard to implement a unified and secure network.

Cofense Manufacturing: Illustration of manufacturing sector security


Many still use outdated legacy security systems that don’t provide protection against modern phishing threats.

Cofense Technology: Illustration of technology sector security


Since tech companies have access to large amounts of information and capital, they can be a favorite target of attackers.

Cofense Fin-Serv: Illustration of financial services sector security

Financial Services

As gatekeepers of important financial and personal information, financial services businesses are a favorite phishing target. 

Cofense Healthcare: Illustration of healthcare sector security


Healthcare data is notoriously valuable — for everyone from providers and patients to phishing attackers.

Cofense Legal Services: Illustration of legal sector security

Legal & Professional

Legal and professional services businesses have access to lots of sensitive information, attackers are holding this information ransom.

A photo related to energy and utilities

Energy & Utilities

Unlike other industries, cybercriminals target energy and utility companies not for monetary gain but to inflict harm.

A photo related to retail


Whether it’s daily sales or the Cyber 5, opportunities for your business are also opportunities for phishing attackers.

End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

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Protect - Automatically Remove Threats Missed by Existing Technology
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