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What Makes Cofense Unique

82% of breaches involve the human element. Phishing attacks like business email compromise (BEC) target human nature and evade legacy email security approaches like secure email gateways (SEGs), resulting in billions of dollars stolen from people, businesses, and governments around the globe.  

Cofense enables organizations to stop phishing attacks like BEC by deploying an intelligent email security solution. This solution offers end-to-end capabilities to identify, protect, detect, and respond to threats and is powered by unique intelligence that is crowd-sourced from 35 million human reporters. We call this solution Phishing Detection and Response (PDR).

Current State of Email Security

Email security graphic highlighting the importance of email protection and threat prevention

Organizations evaluating email security solutions have four choices

Secure Email Gateways

The traditional approach to email security from vendors like Proofpoint, Mimecast, and Cisco. Threat actors have developed new phishing attacks like BEC to evade these solutions.

Built-in Security

Microsoft and Google have both increased their native email security capabilities. They provide multi-layered capabilities but are not powered by relevant data to be effective.   

ICES/CAPES Solutions

These are designed to stop phishing attacks like BEC and augment built-in security from vendors like Abnormal, Agari, and Avanan. Most vendors do not deliver enough capabilities to be a comprehensive solution.

Cofense PDR 

A solution of eight products and one service. This includes security awareness training, an AI-powered ICES / CAPES product, automated incident response products, threat intelligence, and a managed service.  

What is Cofense Phishing Detection & Response (PDR)?

Cofense PDR is a comprehensive email security solution stopping phishing attacks. It enables organizations to identify, protect, detect, and respond to attacks.  

  • Identify – Find the threats in your environment missed by your built-in security  
  • Protect – Automatically remove threats targeting your organization before they are reported  
  • Detect – Condition your workforce to report today’s latest threats  
  • Respond – Automate or offload the analysis of response to reported threats  

Dive deeper into PDR and discover how our products stop security threats.

Screenshot of Cofense email security dashboard showing real-time threat detection and response

End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

10 M+

Humans reporting attacks evading SEGs and reaching their inboxes, providing unique visibility into the threat landscape. These employees are conditioned through simulations derived from real phishing attacks.  

10 %+

Of monthly quarantined emails automatically removed by Cofense and not stopped by legacy security vendors – even before an employee reported the attack in their own environment.  

0 min.

Average categorization speed of reported emails by the Phishing Defense Center (PDC) – the only phishing dedicated SOC. The PDC is available 24×7 and frees up internal resources to focus on other strategic priorities.

What makes Cofense special

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology is only as strong as the data it is trained on. Techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs) are rapidly evolving, and the data must evolve with the attackers. Cofense’s data is what makes PDR work and stems from a unique combination of sources of intelligence. Our AI product, Cofense Protect, is trained on real threats reported by humans and validated by Cofense, distributed in real time across the portfolio.

Learn about Cofense’s Global Intelligence Network.

How does PDR compare to built-in security?

Microsoft and Google have increased their built-In email security capabilities, but it is still not enough for organizations to be secure. Cofense PDR takes capabilities and data one step further by offering a fully managed service to offload the incident response workload of your SOC. The Phishing Defense Center (PDC) is the industry’s first phishing-dedicated SOC. Phishing attacks are analyzed on average in 8 minutes and is powered by threat intelligence on threats missed by Google and Microsoft. With analysis powered by our intelligence on threats missed by Google and Microsoft, phishing attacks, on average, are analyzed in 8 minutes.

Learn more about Cofense’s PDC and how it can manage your PDR solution.

Illustration of end-to-end email security solutions for enterprise-level threat prevention


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