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Cofense Managed Phishing Detection & Response (PDR)

End-to-end email security managed by the Cofense Phishing Defense Center™

Save Your SOC, Let Ours Work for You

Cofense MPDR is a fully managed phishing detection and response solution, facilitated through the Cofense Phishing Detection Center (PDC), that helps organizations with limited resources and/or expertise effectively defend against and remediate phishing attacks. Leveraging our unique crowdsourced intelligence of more than 35+ million users around the world, powered by our AI and ML technology, and vetted through our world-class threat analysts, we deliver the most comprehensive threat detection and response available in the industry.

High-Fidelity Threat Intelligence

  • Access a global network of more than 50 security analysts, leveraging the latest human-vetted phishing threat intelligence to quickly identify and eradicate threats in your environment.
  • Gain protection from zero-day phishing attacks by leveraging intelligence gleaned from almost 5 million reported emails and 400,000 PDC analyst investigations each year with 99.996% categorization accuracy.
  • Choose your level of coverage with either a region-based 12×5 working hours option or an extended 24×7 option that provides coverage from all our global threat analyst teams.
High-Fidelity Threat Intelligence​: Managed Phishing Detection & Response
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Leverage Insights from the Cofense Global Network

  • The PDC leverages our network of over 35+ million users, AI and email attack intelligence from a variety of public and proprietary sources to conduct threat investigations and remediation that are only available to Cofense customers.
  • PDC customers with Vision can have this threat intelligence fed into complementary systems like SOARs, SIEMs and others to automatically stop attacks before they happen.
  • The PDC shares threat analysis across all MPDR customers so the insights gained can serve as preventative measures against future threats to the organization.

Save Time & Increase Your Operational Efficiencies

  • Decrease Mean-Time-To-Detection (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Respond (MTTR) down to minutes with Cofense PDC analysts 24×7 support.
  • Increase speed of threat containments through PDC-initiated manual quarantine and auto quarantine capabilities with Cofense Vision.
  • Receive timely, actional threat intelligence on threats found in your environment so your SOC can spend time on removal, not investigation.
Save Time & Increase Your Operational Efficiencies

Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC)

  • Leverage 24/7 threat intelligence, curated from millions of emails per week observed in other organizations, to significantly reduce the average time to detect and respond to active threats.
  • Get insight from over 50 security analysts around the world leveraging the latest human-vetted phishing threat intelligence on a daily basis.
  • Integrate PDC analysis within your SOC to increase efficiency and response times.

End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

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Protect - Automatically Remove Threats Missed by Existing Technology
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What Our Customers Say

“Cofense Managed PDR: A must have tool for businesses.”
- Manager, Venture Capital & Private Equity
“Cofense PDC has enabled us to spend more time on high-priority emails. We are able to triage malicious threats faster and with more precision.”
- IT Analyst
“Cofense PDC brings the most urgent emails to your attention, so you don't have to worry about missing those anymore.”
- IT Manager, Transportation Industry
“We did not evaluate anything similar to the Cofense Managed PDR, as we could not find anything similar that could come close to the Cofense Managed PDR in terms of named offerings. No other company provided a similar service.”
- IT Engineer, Wholesale Company
“Cofense Managed PDR: This product just successfully conquers its competitors and alternatives.”
- Software Engineer Manager, Private Equity
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cofense Managed Phishing Detection and Response service (Managed PDR) is your one-stop, comprehensive platform for protecting your enterprise from cyber-attacks. Our team of experts at the Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) works for you to detect and stop attacks to your network in as little as eight minutes.

Managed PDR customers benefit from:

  • The intelligence of our 35+ million global users, which enables us to identify and remove phishing attacks in your network before they are even reported.
  • High-fidelity threat intelligence afforded through a global network of 40-plus security analysts.
  • Threat remediation in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks, before a successful attack can occur.
  • Threat hunting that leverages our analysts’ expertise to proactively investigate and identify active phishing threats and threat indicators in your environment.

As part of what we call the “network effect,” Managed PDR customers contribute to and benefit from inclusion in the Cofense phishing defense network – 35+ million strong. When a threat is reported, all customers benefit.

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