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Protect your organization from attacks with our team of experts at the Cofense Phishing Defense Center™

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Our Phishing Defense Center provides a team of experts to identify, analyze, respond to, and remediate the phishing attacks that threaten your organization 24/7. We apply intelligence from over 35M+ Cofense Reporters, as well as the expertise and insights of Cofense Intelligence™ and Cofense Labs™

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Our phishing defense services

We leverage high-fidelity threat intelligence from our global network to stop attacks in your organization, often before they are reported. Phishing attacks are analyzed and removed in minutes, not days or weeks. Security analysts proactively investigate and identify active phishing threats and indicators of compromise.

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What Our Customers Say

“Cofense Managed PDR: A must have tool for businesses.”
- Manager, Venture Capital & Private Equity
“Cofense PDC has enabled us to spend more time on high-priority emails. We are able to triage malicious threats faster and with more precision.”
- IT Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cofense Managed Phishing Detection and Response service (Managed PDR) is your one-stop, comprehensive platform for protecting your enterprise from cyber-attacks. Our team of experts at the Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) works for you to detect and stop attacks to your network in as little as eight minutes.

Managed PDR customers benefit from:

  • The intelligence of our 26 million global users, which enables us to identify and remove phishing attacks in your network before they are even reported.
  • High-fidelity threat intelligence afforded through a global network of 40-plus security analysts.
  • Threat remediation in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks, before a successful attack can occur.
  • Threat hunting that leverages our analysts’ expertise to proactively investigate and identify active phishing threats and threat indicators in your environment.

As part of what we call the “network effect,” Managed PDR customers contribute to and benefit from inclusion in the Cofense phishing defense network – 26 million strong. When a threat is reported, all customers benefit.


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