PDC: Managed Phishing Detection and Response Services


Phishing attacks continue to make it past your Secure Email Gateway (SEG) to land in users’ inboxes. Well-trained users will report these attacks, plus a whole lot more. Overwhelmed SOC teams are struggling to cut through the noise to find and respond to these human-reported phishing attacks.

In 2019, the Cofense Phishing Defense CenterTM (PDC) analyzed nearly 2 million user-reported emails.

Among them we saw:

Organizations looking to improve their security while reducing the load on their SOC or incident responders need a managed detection, response, and quarantine service that specializes in defending against phishing attacks and has visibility into the threats that other solutions miss.

Managed Phishing Services to Protect Your Organization Against Phishing Attacks

The Cofense Phishing Defense Center provides a team of experts trained to identify, analyze, respond to, and remediate the phishing attacks that threaten your organization. Combined with the intelligence gleaned from over 23 million Cofense Reporters and the expertise and insights of Cofense IntelligenceTM and Cofense LabsTM, the PDC provides:

Actionable intelligence about the phishing attacks in YOUR network

Immediate and decisive response to verified phishing threats

Rapid and automatic quarantine of malicious emails

A sharp reduction in the time between detection and resolution of phishing attacks

Optional 24×7 response

Managed Phishing Services Include

Managed Phishing Detection and Response

Receive actionable intelligence on active phishing threats


When your users report suspicious emails, the Cofense Phishing Defense Center analyzes them and delivers threat indicators straight to your security team or incident responders, enabling them to act swiftly as the phishing threat spreads through your network. Our analysis is based not only on what we see in your environment but on the intelligence provided by over 23 million Cofense Reporters. This adds a phishing-specific network effect to your cybersecurity stack that others can’t match.

Managed Phishing Detection, Response, and Remediation

Automatic search and quarantine of entire phishing campaigns, not just the reported email.

When users report a phishing attack, they’re typically one of many to receive the phishing email. These unreported messages sit like ticking time bombs, waiting to go off. With Cofense’s Phishing Defense Center-managed remediation, our analysts can take a single report and find every instance of the campaign across your messaging environment, quarantining the phishing threat automatically in minutes.

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