Cofense Email Security

Your email security misses credential theft attacks. We have the solution.

Cofense PhishMe security awareness training protects your business from this costly threat.

What is credential theft?

Credential theft is a cybercrime that involves stealing personal information to gain access to an online account or system.

Credential theft emails land in inboxes every day, targeting your employees and compromising your company’s data and financial assets.

Don’t let your organization become a target. Provide your team with the necessary training to stop credential theft attempts.

Cofense can help. Connect with us today and see how our world-class security awareness training and threat simulations keep your business secure from credential theft.

How Does Cofense Stop Credential Theft Threats?

Leverage the most powerful email security platform on the market and stop credential theft phishing threats fast.

Real & relevant threat simulations

Cofense combines credential theft-specific simulations and security awareness training content to empower employees to spot and report suspicious threats.

Supercharge your SOC

Equip your SOC with threat detection and response capabilities to identify real credential theft scams, fast!

Automatically detect and stop attacks

Leverage industry-leading technology to automatically identify and remove credential theft threats that bypass your SEG.

Actionable threat intelligence

Leverage timely credential theft phishing threat insights from our global network of 35+ million human reporters and avoid a breach. No other security company has this level of insight!

Stay secure with Cofense

Credential theft phishing is an ever-evolving threat and cybercriminals are getting more and more creative to breach your business. At Cofense, we know the best way to stay protected is to implement a complete end-to-end email security solution, with tailored content for every new threat type.

Cofense is the only email security company that combines Security Awareness Training and Threat Detection and Response to identify credential theft threats quickly, and stop them before they harm your company.


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