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Secure federal agencies with trustworthy, FedRAMP-approved security.

Intelligent cybersecurity: the best defense against inevitable attacks.

With so much private and confidential information, government agencies have a lot at stake. Phishing attackers often leverage social media, contracts, and agency vendor information to infiltrate federal networks. Once they have network access, there is no limit to what they can do. To protect against inevitable attacks, federal agencies need an anti-phishing strategy and a trusted defense and response partner.

A comprehensive solution that meets federal needs head-on

Upgrade Your Defense

Hackers are smart and resourceful. Emerging phishing tactics are designed to skirt traditional email security, avoid automated detection, and infiltrate networks. To spot these hard-to-detect phish, we combine Computer Vision with AI capabilities, so you can identify and stop phish before they impact your network.

50 %

of Cofense research is focused on developing advanced solutions to stop complex phishing attacks. (2022 Cofense Annual Report)

225 Controls

With our FedRAMP ‘Moderate’ authorization, Cofense has over 300 controls to vet phish and protect federal agencies.

Boost Your FedRAMP Approach

Every business has security standards to meet, but Cofense security solutions are designed to meet rigorous federal risk management requirements. We have been awarded the ATO-Moderate standards for the FedRAMP ‘Moderate’ authorization — which provides significantly stricter security controls than FedRAMP Low-Impact authorization.

Protect Remote Workers

Though VPNs can be scalable, standard secure email gateways are no longer enough to secure the large, remote workforces that became the norm during COVID-19. Agencies need to implement security solutions that turn employees into a built-in security workforce. Our solutions teach employees to spot and report potential phish, so security teams can quickly stop attacks.

50 %

of trained Cofense customers can successfully report a suspected phish email within 0-59 minutes. (2022 Cofense Annual Report)

0 Seconds

With our FedRAMP ‘Moderate’ authorization, Cofense has over 300 controls to vet phish and protect federal agencies. (Cofense)

Automatically Hunt & Quarantine Phishing Emails

Cofense Vision is a customer-hosted solution that stores and indexes copies of emails in a dedicated appliance. This enables fast threat hunting and quarantine across the entire email environment so security teams can quickly respond to phishing threats and clean up Data Spills.

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What Our Customers Say

We added our Cofense PhishMe button just in time. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure people are attuned to the cyber threats out there. The individual employee, it starts and ends with them.
- IT Security Manager General Contractor Company

Designed to meet federal cybersecurity requirements

We are proud to develop products that are used and trusted by federal government agencies. Our solutions make it possible to report, identify, and remove phishing attacks. From incident response and mitigation to phishing awareness and reporting, we deliver protection against malware threats, ransomware campaigns, and scams like sextortion.

Hear from Cofense Co-Founder Aaron Higbee on how Cofense solutions empower federal teams to stop phish.

Cofense in Action

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Next-Gen Intelligence

Phishing threats are inevitable and ever-evolving. Our intelligent email security solutions provide the intelligence, training, and assistance you need to secure your data and protect your workforce.

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FedRAMP Approved

Be sure that your security solution meets rigorous government standards and get the protection you need. With our FedRAMP ‘Moderate’ authorization, Cofense has over 300 controls to protect federal agencies.

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Complete Defense

Only Cofense security solutions offer the protection federal agencies require. Our end-to-end email security is used and trusted by federal agencies and proven to stop threats fast.

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End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

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