Phishing Attack Defense Solutions for Technology


According to one study, phishing attacks against technology companies spiked in early 2018, accounting for nearly 14% of campaigns across major industries.1 Why are technology companies such rich targets? They have valuable intellectual property—trade secrets, business plans, and patented designs—which can be sold directly to foreign and domestic competitors and millions of users whose personal information can be stolen and then sold or used to make fraudulent purchases.

Indeed, in 2017 the FBI reported that a Lithuanian hacker used simple phishing tactics to defraud technology companies of more than $100 million.2 The year before, someone posing as the CEO emailed a tech firm’s payroll employees to request a W-2. Neglecting to check the sender’s email address, the employee forwarded information such as social security numbers and stock holdings.3

Cofense delivers solutions that train employees at all levels to spot and report phishing so security teams can stop it in its tracks.

Learn the value of training and education in phishing defense programs for technology.

Research Report. The 2019 Annual Phishing Report shows key measures of readiness in technology. See how frequent, relevant simulations and a culture of reporting equals higher resiliency and a more durable phishing defense.

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Discover the malware trends affecting industries like technology.

Malware Review. Learn which malware types and trends are plaguing major industries including technology. Get detailed breakdowns from Cofense IntelligenceTM, the team that analyzes thousands of emails and campaigns each month to keep customers ahead of phishing threats.

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Learn 6 ways your business can mitigate phishing faster.

Whitepaper. Cofense has put together a list of best practices for faster, more efficient phishing mitigation. See how to combine automated email analysis and security playbooks with human intelligence and control. Discover how to save time and resources while strengthening response.

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Can you stop a phishing attack in 10 minutes? This organization did.

Case Study. See how this Cofense customer blocked a phishing campaign in minutes, not days. Find out how the security team used Cofense TriageTM to identify and analyze the attack, so they could hunt it down before users supplied credentials.

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“Why Cofense” Datasheet

See our suite of collaborative phishing defense solutions and why companies choose Cofense.

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Cofense PhishMe Datasheet

The solution that invented the phishing awareness industry helps technology companies around the world train users to spot attacks.

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Cofense Triage Datasheet

Top technology companies use Cofense Triage to respond to phishing attacks faster and more efficiently.

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