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Cofense for Critical Infrastructure

Keep your business — and essential services — running smoothly.

An intelligent cybersecurity strategy is as vital as your services.

In every critical infrastructure industry — from defense to telecommunications to transportation — hackers are after the same thing: sensitive information. Phishing attacks aim to steal and leverage sensitive information or shut systems down with ransomware. And these attacks can have serious consequences on national security, citizen well-being, the economy, and more.

A comprehensive solution to ensure national security and citizen safety

Outsmart Hackers

Phishing attackers who target critical infrastructure are after more than financial gain — they aim to steal information and gain access to vital networks and power grids. Fight back against increasingly sophisticated and relentless cybercriminals with a combination of Computer Vision and AI that allows you to quickly spot and stop hard-to-detect phish.

0 %

of 500 surveyed US critical infrastructure suppliers have experienced system shutdown attempts.
(Trend Micro)

40 %

of trained Cofense customers can successfully report a suspected phish email within 0-59 minutes.
(2022 Cofense Annual Report)

Strengthen Your Security

Security starts from the inside out. Transform your workforce into built-in security with Cofense cybersecurity awareness training. Our training simulations are designed to reflect real-life, current phishing tactics so your employees can recognize and report suspicious phish. And our one-click reporting button makes it easy to notify IT teams of potential threats.

Respond Intelligently

Threats are always getting smarter and more strategic. Companies need to be able to adapt to the changing landscape and quickly identify new kinds of threats. Our combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a global network of real, human sensors means our solution gets smarter over time, so you can always be aware of current threats and the best response tactics.

15 M+

With Cofense, customers can access the knowledge of a broad global network of more than 35+ million users who report suspected phishing emails.

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What Our Customers Say

It’s three mouse clicks. That’s all it takes to search and destroy. We can access Vision in Triage, and everything is right there.
- IT Security Manager General Contractor Company

Cofense in Action

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One-Stop Security

Phishing threats are inevitable and ever-evolving. Our security solutions provide the intelligence, training, and assistance you need to quickly stop threats and prevent serious consequences.

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Rapid Mitigation

When threats bypass perimeter controls and invade networks, they need to be mitigated quickly. Streamline your response and take the burden off IT with automation and awareness training.

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Reduced Impact

The key to stopping attacks and limiting impact is recognizing threats and responding quickly. Our solutions are proven to reduce response time and stop attacks in under 10 minutes.

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End-to-End Email Security Built to Stop Threats.

Defend your organization with our complete suite of email security solutions.

Discover how Cofense stops phish and protects your company against evolving threats.


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