Phishing Prevention Solutions for Legal Services


It’s not news that phishing attacks are the spearpoint of most breaches. It is alarming, however, to consider the implications for law firms, legal services firms, and professional services companies.

According to one study, 40% of law firms are unaware when breaches happen.1 Another report showed that 62% of the top 100 global law firms have subpar email authentication, the outer layer of phishing defense.2

The most dramatic attack to date is the Panama Papers hack. Starting with a phishing email, hackers penetrated the Panama-based law firm of Mossack Fonseca. While the attack is famous for exposing unsavory offshore accounts, it’s a legitimate reminder that lax security comes at a price.  Some 11.5 million confidential documents were leaked.3

In a more recent phishing attack, a multinational law firm lost access to its data thanks to a ransomware strike.4 When hackers break in, they can misuse data in countless ways, for example, misdirecting money from trusts or settlement funds or impersonating firms and sending fake invoices to clients. When breaches make the news, they hurt business reputations and incite clients to flee.5

Cofense delivers solutions that train employees at all levels to spot and report phishing so security teams can stop it in its tracks.

Train employees with content relevant to legal services.

Cofense PhishMeTM. Don’t throw hundreds of random phishing simulations at your employees. Condition them to report attacks with phishing simulations based on active threats the industry has seen or is experiencing. To view an example, click the image.

Learn the value of the training and education in phishing defense programs.

Research Report. The 2019 Annual Phishing Report shows key measures of readiness, in legal and professional services. See how frequent, relevant simulations and a culture of reporting equals higher resiliency and a more durable phishing defense.

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See the malware trends affecting legal and professionals services.

Malware Review. Learn which malware trends are plaguing major industries, including legal and professional services. Get detailed breakdowns from Cofense IntelligenceTM, the team that analyzes thousands of emails and campaigns each month to keep customers ahead of threats delivered by phishing emails.

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Learn 6 ways your firm can mitigate phishing faster.

Whitepaper. Cofense has put together a list of best practices for faster, more efficient phishing mitigation. See how to combine automated email analysis and security playbooks with human intelligence and control. Discover how to save time and resources while strengthening response.

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Can you stop a phishing attack in 10 minutes? This organization did.

Case Study. See how this Cofense customer blocked a phishing campaign in minutes, not days. Find out how the security team used Cofense TriageTM to identify and analyze the attack, so they could hunt it down before users supplied credentials.

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“Why Cofense” Datasheet

See our suite of collaborative phishing defense solutions and why companies choose Cofense.

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Cofense PhishMe Datasheet

The solution that invented the phishing awareness industry helps legal firms around the world train users to spot attacks.

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Cofense Triage Datasheet

Top law firms use Cofense Triage to respond to phishing attacks faster and more efficiently.

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