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Cofense Announces First End-to-End Email Security Solution Targeting QR Code Phishing Threats

New Cofense Security Awareness Training (SAT) and Threat Detection & Response product enhancements now available to address the 2,400% increase in QR code phishing threats

LEESBURG, Va. – November 30, 2023 – Cofense, the leading provider of email security awareness training and phishing detection and response (PDR) solutions, today announced a first-of-its-kind solution that provides world-class Security Awareness Training (SAT) and Threat Detection & Response capabilities to specifically target QR code phishing threats. As seen in Bloomberg, Security Week and WIRED, Cofense was one of the first email security companies to detect, track and report on this emerging phishing threat.

QR code phishing attacks have seen a meteoric rise in 2023 due to their ability to bypass traditional Secure Email Gateways (SEGs). Threat actors are now embedding malicious URLs within QR Code images, making it extremely difficult for traditional email security solutions to detect, exposing businesses to a potential breach.

To address this growing threat, Cofense now offers QR code training simulations and real-time phishing SAT content to educate employees on real QR code threats, plus email threat detection and response tools that Security Operations Centers (SOCs) can use to automatically identify and remove QR code threats that bypass SEGs. Leveraging phishing intelligence from 35+ million human reporters around the globe, Cofense is the only email security company that delivers this comprehensive QR code solution.

“With the world’s largest phishing intelligence network, Cofense is able to quickly detect and stop new, emerging threats we see bypassing traditional email security solutions,” said Senior Vice President of Product Engineering, Jason Reinard. “Our new QR code SAT and threat detection and response solutions are available immediately and offer a tremendous new benefit to customers.”

This comprehensive offering will allow organizations to better defend against the growing QR code threat through two key features:

  • Real and Relevant QR Code Simulations and Training Content: Access QR code phishing simulations and online training based on real and relevant threats, reported by humans and vetted by our own threat experts. This ensures employees are trained on active threats currently bypassing SEGs and threatening businesses like yours.
  • QR Code Email Threat Detection and Response: Leverage the world’s only intelligence network of 35+ million users who actively report suspected phishing threats. Exclusive only to Cofense, this reporting system ingests and catalogs reported QR code phishing threats that are missed by standard email gateway technologies, and then automatically removes them from all customer inboxes. Cofense sees and stops QR code phishing treats that other security systems miss.

To learn more about how Cofense is helping to protect organizations from QR code phishing threats and to request a live demo, please visit:

About Cofense

Cofense is the original and leading security awareness training and phishing simulation provider, offering enterprise-level threat detection and response solutions to global organizations. Cofense PhishMe ®  and the Cofense Phishing Detection and Response (PDR) platform leverage a global network of thousands of businesses, with over 35 million employees who actively report suspected phishing and other dangerous attack threats. Exclusive only to Cofense, this reporting system ingests and catalogs thousands of threats per day that are missed by all of the current email gateway technologies, and then eradicates the threat from all inboxes for all of our customers. In short, Cofense sees what other systems miss. Please visit or connect with us on X and LinkedIn for additional information.

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