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Cybersecurity Threats Against Small and Medium Sized Businesses: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Business 

In today’s digital age, email security is a major concern for businesses of all sizes. However, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are particularly vulnerable for a myriad of reasons. From resource constraints to diminishing budgets to pressure to consolidate vendors and do more with less, they can have less robust cyber defenses compared to their larger counterparts. The consequences of a breach are severe for any organization, and the impact on SMBs can be particularly devastating.  

Here are a few statistics that highlight the risk and potential financial losses SMBs face if they fall victim to a cyber attack: 

  • Due to limited security resources, SMBs are the target of 58% of all cyber attacks because threat actors view them as easy targets. 
  • Approximately 60% of small businesses that experience a cyber attack will go out of business within six months.  
  • On average, a data breach costs an SMB $3 million per incident. This staggering cost includes expenses such as lost revenue, forensic investigation, remediation, and potential legal fees.  
  • It takes an average of 207 days for an SMB to identify and contain a data breach. That’s over six months, during which hackers can wreak havoc on an SMB’s systems, leading to even more losses. 
  • Human error is the cause of 85% of all successful ransomware attacks on SMBs. Common types of human errors include falling victim to phishing scams, using weak passwords, and working on unsecured networks.  

Cofense understands the unique challenges SMBs face including limited budgets and constrained resources. That’s exactly why we developed Cofense Protect+, a comprehensive, fully integrated email security solution that combines email threat protection with Security Awareness Training (SAT) designed to protect against ever-evolving cyber threats.  

Powered by our crowd-sourced intelligence with over 35 million human sensors and advanced threat protection, onboarding is completed in just a few clicks which allows you to immediately start removing confirmed and detected threats from user’s inboxes. 

Designed specifically for SMBs, here are a few more ways Protect+ helps protect your organizations: 

  • Protect+ is a fully automated, low touch solution which allows for rapid deployment and a “set it and forget it” environment.  
  • Protect+ uses Cofense’s crowd-sourced intelligence and inspects emails, landing pages, and attachments in real-time to make instantaneous decisions as to whether emails are malicious.  
  • Email attacks are detected upon arrival and are automatically moved away from the user’s inbox. 
  • Our consolidated, easy-to-use dashboards provide data on two key areas with the ability to drill down to more granular individual user information if needed.  
  • Easy access to Recipient Management allows customers to enable and disable all services from one screen, further simplifying the management of this solution. 

Cyber threats are a real and present danger to SMBs, and the costs and consequences of an attack can be disastrous. SMBs must take proactive measures to protect their systems, including implementing robust cyber defenses, providing security training for staff, and staying vigilant against potential cyber threats. By being proactive and addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities, SMBs can help avoid becoming another cyber attack statistic.  

Here’s how you can get more information on how Protect+ can help your organization. 

Cybersecurity Threats Against Small and Medium Sized Businesses Infographic

Cybersecurity Threats Against Small and Medium Sized Businesses Infographic

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