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Free training bundle: help your users spot the top holiday scams.

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The holidays are here and you know what that means. “Merry Phish-mas!” from every scammer who wants to bilk your business.

To keep your team safe, PhishMe® is offering 3 free phishing simulation templates. They mimic holiday scams—and not just any scams. The emails in our Holiday Bundle are based on some of the most effective phishing scams today.

Now, in just minutes, businesses with 500 employees or less can launch simulated holiday phishes to  keep users on high alert.

Our Holiday Bundle features these simulations:

  • “Holiday Gift” email
  • “New Year Card Alert” email
  • “Package Delivery” email

These email themes come straight from our research. To see how well they work, check out PhishMe’s 2017 Phishing Resiliency and Defense Report.

The Holiday Bundle also gives you access to PhishMe Free™, our free training resource for small businesses. Use it to fight phishing all year round.

It’s the riskiest time of year, so don’t leave user awareness to chance. Get your free Holiday Bundle and start training employees now here:

Safe holidays from the PhishMe Team!


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