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PhishMe Ranked #1 ‘Best Place to Work’ by Washington Business Journal

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PhishMe is proud to announce it has been honored as the best large company to work for in the Washington D.C area, following a prestigious annual employee engagement survey. The Washington Business Journal ranked PhishMe #1 in the ‘large companies’ category, the first time the organization has been honored with the title, having surveyed 85 local firms.

Founded in 2011, PhishMe saw its workforce grow to more than 200 employees in 2015, as a direct result of efforts made to provide the best environment to develop talent. The company has focused on putting its People First – a mantra echoed by the senior management team – providing opportunities to offer anonymous feedback and allowing all employees to work across different business divisions within the organization.

“We are delighted to hear how much our employees enjoy working with us”, said Karen Chiappetta, VP of Human Resources at PhishMe. “We believe that it is absolutely crucial for every member of the team to be actively engaged, valued and involved in the nature of the business. In order to do so, we organize regular training sessions and town hall meetings, in addition to creative team building exercises and fun weekend getaways”.

PhishMe was particularly recognized for encouraging career progression, providing regular training sessions and maintaining one of the highest degrees of diversity on the tech scene. Additionally, the employee engagement survey highlighted how PhishMe has been able to build an open environment where employees are encouraged to informally interact with one another in complete transparency, via various events and regular company gatherings.

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PhishMe is hiring for key roles in product and technology development, customer support, services, sales, and more. Apply online today!


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