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PhishMe is now Cofense.

On February 27th 2007, while on the phone with my friend and co-founder Rohyt Belani, I typed the name into GoDaddy™. We couldn’t believe our good luck and immediately registered it. As the co-founder who named this company PhishMe®, the emotional attachment is real. Somewhere in the pile of entrepreneurial startup books, I have a branding book that suggested your name is a vessel that should be big enough to carry your future products and services. We outgrew that boat quite some time ago.

PhishMe is now Cofense™. That’s right, we’ve rebranded. New name, new logo, new vision. From a branding perspective, PhishMe is one of the most successful stories in cyber security. A name that clearly defined what we did. We swam upstream empowering brave customers to demonstrate real impact on the global phishing problem.

It’s been justifiably satisfying to watch so many cyber security companies replicate our approach by rolling out their own simulation platforms —waving the white flag in public admission that their technology stacks do not actually stop phishing.

And besides a brand-new name, we have new financial backing— a private equity syndicate has acquired PhishMe and is committed to the future success of Cofense.

Other than that, hey, it’s just another Monday.

Here’s what it means for you.

With our new name and branding, we’re ready to blow things out. The Cofense brand speaks to how we’ve expanded our approach. Cofense delivers collective, complete phishing defense. We’ve been moving in this direction for years, with solutions that accelerate incident response, fueled by employee-sourced phishing-attack intelligence.

So, our brand is inline with our vision. Cool. But even better, we’ve got deeper financial backing to make the vision a reality. The strategic vision is growing while financial pressure is shrinking.

If you’re a customer, or someone else’s customer, keep an eye on our roadmap. We have the focus and resources to develop products faster and better. Expect major updates across our solutions suite, for example, the upcoming release of next-level Cofense Triage™ (coming next week).

Is Cofense moving away from awareness? Actually, we left awareness behind quite some time ago.

We’ll keep supporting the cause of better phishing defense for everyone because that’s still what we do. Company size and budget shouldn’t mean you have no recourse. That’s why we’ll still offer free products for smaller organizations. PhishMe Free™ gives SMB’s a no-cost way to run phishing simulations; CBFree offers free computer-based training that doesn’t skimp on quality; and Cofense Reporter®, also free, is the #2 add-in for Outlook with over 10 million installs worldwide and free to all customers.

Finally, if you have locations overseas, you will be seeing us in your neighborhood. Phishing is a global problem, so we’re continuing to grow our global presence. We have traction in Japan, the Middle East, and all over Europe, with multiplying channel relationships and integrations. Today’s news will only speed the expansion of our footprint.

Hang on. It’s going to be a fun ride.

Did I mention we’re seriously stoked? Maybe that sounds like hype, but I beg to differ. Here’s the diem we aim to carpe:

We want every one of your users to be an instinctual node on the network—feeding actionable intelligence to your security team. We believe technology and users must work together, creating a seamless cycle of vigilance and response. We think human aptitude and instinct is the perfect complement to the speed and orchestration of best-in-class technology. In fact, we know this marriage is the only way to eliminate email-based threats.

Our rebranding and acquisition are serious energizers. It’s been a great ride so far—and it’s about to get crazy fun. To learn more about our big news, read our press release.

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