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PhishMe’s Gary Warner Featured in Threat Intelligence Thought Leadership Interview on Recorded Future

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This week, Recorded Future published another segment in their recent “Threat Intelligence Thought Leadership Series” featuring PhishMe’s Chief Threat Scientist Gary Warner. The article titled Why You Should Launch a Threat Intelligence ‘Hunt’ Team covers a variety of perspectives on threat intelligence, from driving factors in today’s threat intelligence community, actionable intelligence trends and even advice for aspiring threat intelligence analysts on how to navigate today’s information security landscape. 

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“My long-term goal is still to make a significant impact on how we react to cyber crime,” notes Warner. “It is clear that we are losing. We need to continue to improve the automatic linking of our atomic indicators so that in every jurisdiction and in every type of crime, be it malware, phishing, spam, hacking, or deep intrusion, we can rapidly identify the members of the criminal organization and put appropriate counter-measures in place to disrupt the organization.”

Read the full article at Recorded Future.


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