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There Are Phish in Your Inbox!

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This is the theme of our Cofense Virtual Roadshow, scheduled for May 25-26, 2021, with a series of live, executive-led events taking place in three regions. Join us as global security leaders will gain firsthand knowledge of how Cofense’s end-to-end phishing detection and response (PDR) solution seamlessly automates the removal of phish from enterprise environments. We’ll be highlighting legacy email security solutions, the current phishing threat landscape by region, and the future of email security with Cofense PDR and Cyberfish. 

Phishing continues to be the most successful attack technique used by cyber criminals today. And frontline technology alone is not stopping these threats. Undetected threats can lurk in your network for weeks or months and can cost your organization millions of dollars. With Cofense, you can stop and quarantine phish within minutes across your entire organization. 

At this event, we will offer insights into how enterprise organizations can reduce risk and cost of digital transformation, improve security posture, and rapidly detect and respond to phishing attacks. We’ll provide details on how Cofense’s cloud-native PDR platform combines high-fidelity phishing intelligence with advanced automation capabilities and, when used with the existing email security provided by Microsoft or Google, can eliminate the need for expensive, slow-to-deploy email security solutions. 

Cofense Co-Founder and CEO Rohyt Belani will present The Future of Email Security, and Cofense Co-Founder and CTO Aaron Higbee will lead Technology and Innovation Update. There will also be Q&A sessions in each region.  

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 If you attend the Virtual Roadshow, you can earn 1.5 CPE credits as Cofense is an approved (ISC)2 CPE partner.  

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