Cofense Triage


The Faster Way to Find REAL Phish.

Your employees report suspicious emails? That’s a good start. But when piles of non-malicious emails slow your ability to find real phish, you lose precious time as threats begin to spread—and potentially dwell on your network for days, weeks, or months. Cofense Triage™ accelerates phishing qualification, investigation, and response by automating standard responses to suspicious emails to make analysts more efficient and driving out actionable intelligence, faster.

Prioritize Threats and Speed Response.

A culture of user-reporting is key to stopping phishing attacks, but your over-burdened SOC team needs to prioritize what’s reported. Empower your analysts to identify false positives quickly and answer the vital question: “Where should we focus first?” Instead of slowing your efforts with time-consuming manual processes, Cofense Triage automates analysis, so you can focus on making decisions to remediate faster.

Get Indicators and Insights from an Extensive Rules Library.

Cofense Triage’s continuously updated library of rules gives analysts indicators and insights around threat actor tactics—quickly, to isolate high-risk messages and significantly improve response time. Our library is curated by our Threat Intelligence and Research Teams, who identify emerging campaigns and develop rules to cut through noise faster. You can choose to share rules you create based on threats in your environment, allowing all customers to benefit.

Accelerate Threat Qualification.

Cofense Triage clusters reported emails based on payload to aid campaign identification. An industry leading spam engine classifies emails to identify false positives and known bad. Proprietary Cofense Intelligence rules identify known threats and provide valuable analyst context.

Leverage Reporter Reputation for Actionable Intelligence.

Not all those who report emails are equal. Using Cofense Reporter’s reputation score, your most trusted reporters can become your most valuable source of actionable phishing threat intelligence. The more trusted the reporter, the more likely that a reported email is a genuine threat. Respond with a verdict of whether the message contained malicious content or not, creating a partnership with the SOC team and strengthening your overall organizational phishing defense platform.

Integration with Cofense VisionTM

User-reported emails are a rich source of intelligence. But what about all the users who don’t report a phish? Cofense Vision helps identify them and contain the threat. When Cofense Vision is configured as an integration in Cofense Triage, superusers and operators with the right permissions can search for domains and attachments in reported emails and quarantine messages that users fail to report—from all inboxes, directly from Triage, with a single click.

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