Why Cofense


In 2008, PhishMe was launched and fulfilled our vision of leveraging the everyday employee in the fight against phishing. After all, it’s the employee being targeted. Fast forward to today and we now have a full suite of phishing defense solutions and a new name that represents our focus on building an organization-wide collaborative, collective defense. CofenseTM.

Cofense combines market-leading incident-response technologies with employee-sourced attack intelligence for a complete collective defense against email-based cyber-attacks. With Cofense, you can disrupt attacks at delivery and stay ahead of breaches. Imagine a time when every user becomes an instinctual node on the network, feeding actionable intelligence to security teams. Where technology and users alike work together, creating a cycle of unparalleled vigilance and response. And where unmatched human aptitude meets the speed of technology to find and eliminate threats.

This is the new state of collective defense – cyber security purpose-built to crash test every email. Designed to anticipate and disrupt the attack kill chain at delivery, triggering enterprise-wide detection and security automation.

Today this is all made real for thousands of businesses around the world, from the global 2,000 to small and medium enterprises, representing all industries and verticals. Led by a team of pioneering cybersecurity experts, Cofense sharpens your organization’s aptitude for detection and delivers unprecedented engagement, response, and mitigation.

Move from one to many. Discover a new paradigm of cohesion and cooperation. With Cofense, you experience the power of the collective.

Cofense Focus

Focused on Phishing

Cofense focuses on solutions for the problem of phishing – the most effective attack vector used in more than 90% of successful breaches.

Focused on Innovation

Cofense is dedicated to providing the highest quality cyber security solutions and we continue to innovate with dozens of patented technologies used in our solutions.

Focused on Leading

Cofense has been recognized as an industry leader with awards including Deloitt’s Technology Fast 500, INC 5000, SC Magazine’s BEST Awards, E&Y, and Tech Trailblazers to name but a few.

More than “Awareness Training”

Cofense PhishMeTM embraces the concept of learning through doing.  It was never meant to be “computer-based training” like the traditional videos employees have to watch once a month or quarter.  But we often found ourselves in that category – a square peg fitting into a round hole.  But while the market had trouble putting us in a box, they also acknowledge our success.

“Cofense is the leading provider of anti-phishing CBT and enjoys robust success globally… This capability is supported with flexible and effective analysis and reporting capabilities.”

“The Cofense brand is well-known throughout the security industry, and the success of its marketing program and technical innovations has established it as the company to beat when it comes to anti-phishing solutions.”

“Clients looking for high-impact anti-phishing behavior management will find Cofense’s solution to be a good fit with their objectives.”

More than Simulations

The value of Cofense starts with conditioning employees to recognize and resist clicking on dangerous phishing emails.  But is “not clicking” enough?

Cofense believes that intelligence is not artificial.  The best information a company can gather– whether it’s customer data or attack intelligence – comes from employees. And, when it comes to phishing–the #1 cause of data breaches–employees are the targets and see email attacks in progress well before incident response teams.

That’s why our solutions focus on harnessing that organization-specific attack intelligence and vet it against known external phishing threats intelligence for a fast, accurate picture of what’s really happening across your organization.

Our customers include the defense industrial base, energy, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, as well as other Global 1000 entities that understand changing user security behavior will improve security, aid incident response, and reduce the risk of compromise.