Cofense Phishing Prevention Solutions

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Phishing solutions and products

Our Phishing Detection and Response platform catches the phishing emails that your secure email gateway inevitably misses. We deliver the technology and insight needed to detect, analyze, and stop phishing attacks.


Human-vetted phishing intelligence from our research analysts, 27 million strong global phish network and our PDC team provides easily-integrated (SIEM, mSOAR, TIP) full-spectrum intelligence and campaign identification for Triage and auto-quarantine capabilities in Vision.

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The SOC analyst uses Vision to search for and quarantine any verified phish throughout the organization. Vision response can also be fully automated to auto-quarantine any phish based on pre-set policy.

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Managed PDR

Protect your organization from attacks with our team of always-on experts at the Cofense Phishing Defense Center™ and benefit from the intelligence of other customers to stop phishing attacks before they are even reported in your organization.

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Employees are regularly conditioned to identify potential phish with real-world phish simulations and training.

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A simple one-click button to report a suspected phish. 25 million people around the world are part of the Cofense network reporting phish.

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Suspected phish are rapidly clustered and analyzed by SOC analysts who queue indicators for remediation in Triage, Vision or other technologies.

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